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  1. Today we had F-35s fly the length of Utah. Tomorrow my F-16 flying stepson's squadron is doing a flyover in Arizona. All to honor those on the front lines. Pretty cool.
  2. I wear a Tourmaster heated jacket under my Tourmaster mesh jacket with rain liner installed, Gerbings heated gloves, and a modular helmet. ( When I wore an open face helmet I also wore a balaclava.) On the bottom I wear thermal underwear, motorcycle denims, and rain pants. On my feet wool socks and very waterproof cycling boots. I have never had to turn the electric past the mid point settings. I do ride a full faired RSV. Two weeks ago I returned from a weeklong trip were the last day started at 26 degrees and ended at 45 degrees. I had an enjoyable last day. During 50 years of road riding I
  3. I still check in here most days and I still ride my RSV regularly. I am however selling my beautiful 83 this week. Even though it has been my favorite road bike in 50 years of road riding it's difficult to ride it enough and I need the space. You see I have an adventure bike for off roading, a little scooter for that one mile trip to the store, and the RSV gets most of the road mileage. Still I wish I could keep it. I wan't to thank Don for running this site and all of you contributors for entertaining me, educating me, inspiring me, and even helping me source a few parts over the years. Hopef
  4. Usually, and I find it interesting that I get the least response from riders of 1) crotch rockets, and 2) Goldwings.
  5. I don't want to further depress anybody but here in Utah its been so unseasonably warm that this last week I loaded up the RSV and spent a few days in Zion National Park. For those of you that have had the opportunity to visit this spectacular area imagine 70s, sunshine, no buses, and no crowds. Finding myself that close to heaven I was afraid I might be dying. But nope, I was just riding.
  6. Wow, 37+years with the same company is a rare accomplishment. Congratulations on that and your retirement. Now that you don't have to be at work on any more Mondays you"ll have the time to head West and finish filling out that ride map. Good luck and enjoy.
  7. If you google vertigo you'll find some physical maneuvers to reposition the crystals. The epley is one often used but it was the half somersault that very quickly cured my wife. No drugs needed. Not sure it will work for you but it's worth 15 minutes of your time to find out. Good luck.
  8. Kroc

    My Granddaughter

    Wow,I hope she gets the opportunity to run with that talent. She has a voice and a style that is really, really enjoyable to listen to.
  9. I've never heard of a Wee-strom owner that didn't love it.
  10. My 83 standards VIN is JYA26H005DA000240. Mfg. date is 1/83. Mileage reads 26581 but the odometer is broken. There's probably another 5,000 on it. I just purchased an odometer off of e- bay and if possible will set it at 32000. Hope this helps.
  11. Other than a straight piped Honda I had about 45 years ago I've always ridden stock Hondas and Yamahas. Then I bought an RSV with Bub pipes on it. At times I think it sounds pretty cool but after a full day of riding it gets to be a it much. I also worry about it being too loud for those around me. I've got a pair of stock pipes and I think it's time I learn how to change them out.
  12. I was visiting my dad's work at the Salt Lake Air Route Traffic Control Center. In the break room all that could were watching the moon landing. From the back of the room a large American Indian fellow said, " Damn guys are probably surveying for a new Indian reservation." After the chuckling subsided he added, "then they'll find oil and want it back." That was of course a good memory. I Have much darker and more distinctive memories of Kennedy and 9/11.
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