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  1. Sounds like the making of a little class action suit... failing to support a product you know is glitchy... just saying.
  2. Unfortunately solutions to problems such as these is to get a sufficiently large enough group of folks together who have painstakingly documented extremely similar issues and then present this to the manufacturer as a group... having a couple of seeming high-powered attorneys do the presentation is also usually required to solve such issues.
  3. Look at what Sierra Electronics have to offer: https://www.sierra-mc.com/ These guys know their stuff, with prices that are better than anywhere else I have seen... I've been using them exclusively for over 15 years for my Goldwing and Yamaha headset needs. Give them a call and they can tell you what besides J&M will work on the bike. I usually stick with J&M as I've rarely had a problem with their equipment. IMC offers 5, 6, and 7 pin headsets to install in helmets - Sierra has them for about $80/set. Sierra will also install in the your helmet for you (i've done this in the past - their turnaround is usually real quick) - or buy a new helmet with the headset already installed (done this too and greatly satisfied).
  4. Only 3K on mine... only issue is one saddlebag lock failed in September 2019 (month after I got the bike) and the other in June 2020. The last one I blame on Yamaha because they refused in September to acknowledge that the clip that holds the lock solenoid in place was a faulty design. This week, when I called looking for the replacement parts for the one that failed in June, they finally admitted that the clip design was faulty and that on the 2020's and the replacement parts they have been sending out to repair the issue have a new clip design that should solve the problem.
  5. For the passing or aux lights on the Gen 2 I had replaced the incandescent lights with the following from Amazon last year (early 2019): LX-LIGHT Dot approved 2 PCS Chrome 4.5 Inch Cree LED Passing Light LED Fog Lamps for Motorcycles Auxiliary Light Bulb Motorcycle Projector Driving Lamp Sold by: LX-LIGHT Amazon still has them for $38.59 for the pair. I liked the way they work, but you can ask luvmy40 his opinion as this faithful steed is now his. LX-LIGHT Dot approved 2 PCS Chrome 4.5 Inch Cree LED Passing Light LED Fog Lamps for Motorcycles Auxiliary Light Bulb Motorcycle Projector Driving Lamp Sold by: LX-LIGHT
  6. Rich, When i owned the bike I rarely to never turned them off with the switch... so the switch could be stuck in the closed position. Would be an easy job to replace the button switch with a toggle switch if its not working correctly.
  7. My 2 cents... stick with the Dunlops - they make an E-4 for the front (had it replaced last year) and should have something compatible for the rear... never have had a problem with them, and the mileage has been great. Plus it keeps some of my neighbors gainfully employed. And find a different dealer - Dunlop lists the 150/90-15 as available on their site... the only problem is that in today's world it will take better than 2 weeks to get the tire. I'm within 5 miles of the factory and it takes my local Yamaha shop 10 days to get them currently. Unfortunately your bigger problem is that any Dunlop you can get your hands on first has to go to the only distributor in Canada, which is located in Vancouver! Then they ship them back to the rest of the country. Most of my friends in Fort Erie and the peninsula plan a day trip to come over to a local shop to get their new tires... saves them in the neighborhood of 50%, even with the rate of exchange.
  8. Until recently i had a '06 Black Cherry. Early in '07 a young lady who just got her driver's license had a serious issue seeing my bike and cut me off (just snagged the lower fairing on the left and pulled it out, along with putting a bend in the Clutch lever, about $500 in damage total). After she stopped and we exchanged pleasantries she then proceeded to back into the parked bike and cause an additional $2,500 in damage. From that I have the following available: Upper fairing with chrome headlight ring - minor scraps on the right side Chrome windshield trim with a very minor blemish Lower left clear wind deflector - very minor scrape lower left fairing - scape where her bumper made contact and color rubbed off on the edge where she originally snagged it Right engine guard -some grinding on the bottom where she pushed the bike back. I have pictures of all of the above, unfortunately this board was giving me a problem posting more that one photo... so if you have any interest drop me a line and I'll send along the photos. if still interested we can discuss price and shipping.
  9. I picked this up off a wrecked '07 as a spare several years ago. Tested it on my '06 when i first received it... been sitting in a box in my home office ever since. Goes for $600 from Yamaha. if interested make me an offer.
  10. My suggestion to all to if you have one fail make them replace both saddlebag locks... My left Saddle bag lock just failed today. Called my local Yamaha dealer and they will try to get the parts expedited from Yamaha on Monday... If Yamaha knows this is an issue why aren't they dealing with it better?
  11. I'd like some information regarding this event... I live about 30 miles away, and would probably attend one or two days. Thanks,
  12. Yes, CB give a beep when it is ready to transmit and the radio does cut out. Wife has as a Spyder with CB so we chat all the time... really drives some truckers nuts when they hear our chatter and cant figure out its the bikes.
  13. Take it to the dealer and make it their problem. I had the same issue with the left saddle bag. If the electronic mechanism malfunctions (retaining clip likes to pop off) the only way into the bag is with an air chisel or reciprocating saw (yes, they have to cut the locking mechanism out to open it). Since you should still be under warrantee Yamaha should provide the parts and labor.
  14. For the CB keying itself on check to see if the mike is set for voice activation (VOX) - you can turn this on or off in the Infotainment Center I like to keep it off as the VOX seems either to sensitive or you have to yell your head off for it to work. Yes, once you depress the PTT button it takes a second or two for the radio to transmit.
  15. I'd like to know more about the Rivco Hitch - any issues while pulling your trailer? Also, for those who worry about voiding warrantees its good to know that in 1975 the federal government passed a set of laws called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. This act states your vehicle warranty cannot be voided or canceled for using any non-original equipment manufacturer (O.E.M.) part or accessory (like a trailer hitch, filter, or oil) unless the manufacturer of the vehicle can prove the use of this non-O.E.M. part or accessory caused a failure of any part or parts on the vehicle. Usually quoting this fact to the dealer or manufacturer changes their attitude pretty quickly!
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