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  1. Anyone have it? Normally this kind of information is included in the owners manual. Owner's manual says bring it to a dealer.
  2. I see Sena makes a system called the Freewire. They advertise it for the Honda Goldwing and Harley models. I wonder if it would work on the SVTC/Eluder seeing how it has a similar audio/com output connection as the Harley. If it does that would give access to all the bikes audio/com features with the use of a Sena headset. I guess if I had to shell out big bucks for a com/audio unit I'd rather not have cords dangling in the breeze. Anyone here have experience with the Freewire on either the Venture or Eluder that can confirm its compatibility?
  3. Hello, I would like to use Eluder GT's CB radio, as well as the Intercom features and hear the radio through a headset. Now I'm looking at Yamaha's OEM accessory headset which is actually the J&M and I just can't see forking out 700 bucks to get myself and wife hooked up. Thats two headsets, passenger connection kit, headset connection cord, passenger ext. cord. So is there a more affordable option out there like the bluetooth headsets & do I lose some of the built-in features of the infotainment system going the cordless route?
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