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  1. I found a pretty sweet deal on an 07 Hanningan trike and made the purchase. Hopefully, I will be picking it up in the next week or so. It is 10 hours from me. After having a horrible winter with back and knee issues I wanted to see how I would like a trike. I had an 01 Motortrike a few years ago that wasn’t raked and really didn’t care for it. I also had an F3 Spider and loved it for what it was. I might have to put snow tires on this thing as we have snow forecasted again for the middle of this week. In December I had purchased an 03 Venture Hanningan trike from a dealer and a Venturerider member messaged me that if I ever wanted to sell it he’d be interested. Well, with my health issues and that I really didn’t feel like going after the trike I sold it to him. My wife hasn’t ridden in years so I’m hoping she will at least go for an ice cream run with me from time to time.
  2. As many know I like to flip bikes and the market is really soft especially anything in the Star line. If you look long and hard enough there are great deals to be made. But you have to have patience in selling. I have discovered some of the greatest deals from dealers who don’t want these bikes. People get emotionally attached to their bikes so they check retail believing this is what the market is. I don’t know if I have ever sold a bike close to retail. Last summer I bought and sold 10 or so bikes. Bought them cheap but was able to sell them at a reasonable price to others. I don’t make much money on it but it is my hobby. I like working on them as much as I do riding anymore. I just purchased a really nice 07 GL1800 trike with less than 17,000 miles and a Hannigan kit with running boards and the works for 6K less than I could find any advertised in the Midwest. It is a beauty. With that said - I believe that if you take good pictures of your bike and write a good ad that your chances of selling increase by 50%. Actually, stage your pictures if you can. If your shop is a mess - get it out of the shop. When I’m looking I try to see the kind of place where the bike has been stored. It might make or break a phone call to the person. Too many people don’t know what a great bike the Ventures, Tour Deluxes and Roadstars are. Let them know that in your ad and in person. Facebook Marketplace is becoming more popular than Craigslist so don’t overlook that venue.
  3. They deliver —- make offer —- I’ve heard great things from guys who have bought Spyders from imotorsports. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gold-Wing-ABS/132561995799?hash=item1edd4f8817:g:pBMAAOSwFHZavfYc&vxp=mtr
  4. That’s great Don. I’ve sold 3 Spyders and they often take awhile to sell. You must have found just the right buyer! Enjoy the new ride! It will be cool to be side by side having fun together
  5. That would be tempting! My sister lives in Black Mountian and her husband is the president of Montreat College where my grandson attends....
  6. Beautiful bike! I found that the Harley Classic bikes fit me the best except for seeming to sit to close to the tank. Got rid of the problem with a different seat. They handle well and my 08 handled way better than the 11 I had. Enjoy it - just be careful the clothes can cost you an arm and a leg!
  7. Congrats Don, I’m sure you won’t regret your decision as time with family is worth millions. We all wish you the very best in being self employed. Enjoy!
  8. My nephew did the 23 and me test and got a message from a gal in California that matched them as second cousins. Turns out they are first cousins and my nieces from an older brother I never met. They had no clue that their dad had 6 half brothers and sisters. We have communicated via messenger and are hoping to get together this summer.
  9. Offering up prayers for you.
  10. Thanks - that’s cool. I have his name and where he lives. Thought about contacting him to get a history.
  11. I wouldn’t be afraid of it. It has the Yamaha hard bags and is the Silverado edition. It looks clean and these bikes are pretty durable. It would really have to be neglected to make me worried about it. If I were closer I’d buy it but not up to traveling over 300 miles right now.
  12. Found one just like it on Ebay new for $1500. Most likely I’ll sell the trailer as I don’t need the extra room.
  13. I do miss the F3. It was probably the most comfortable ride I’ve had. I will probably go to an F3T next time. I got a pretty good deal on this Venture trike and want to give it a shot.
  14. Ha —- yep - there is room. It might take a bit more space than my Spyder. We moved from the other house and actually have a nicer garage. However, the guy who bought our old house probably put 10K into it - he works on Harleys and it is really nice.
  15. I can’t seem to stay away so I’m back with another Venture. My ride last year was an 11 Ultra Classic - the year before was a F3 Spyder - so I’m going to try this 03 Venture Hanningan trike that I bought from a dealer near Cincinnati. I got to go pick it up but they put it in winter storage for me. It has 76000 miles on it but was triked in 2014. Came with a trailer that I won’t kee1p as I don’t need that much storage. I’m not going to promise that I will keep it as I don’t hang onto bikes very long! I also picked up a nice 04 Roadstar a couple of weeks ago. I’ll try posting pictures of the trike.
  16. The bike without the kit is worth $1700 easily. I’ve owned at least15 Roadstars and they are great bikes. Very dependable and so easy to work on. They ride nice and handle well for 1700cc. I’m surprised it is still on EBay.
  17. She will like the RT. I started out with a 998 Rt Limited just to see how I liked it. Sold it 3 weeks later (You know me!) and bought a 2015 F3! It was a blast and more fun to ride. Bought another RT this summer to resell. The 998 cc engine does has issues. The first one I bought had already been gone through at 19000 miles. The hardest thing to get used to is to lightly grip the handlebars and let the Spyder do its tracking. I compare it to riding across a grated bridge. I rode most of the time with my hands on top of the grip and fingers open. I am a big guy so the RT did not fit me well. Anyway, I'm sure your love it. If she doesn't ride aggressively the stock front suspension should be just fine. It could aready have been upgraded by the PO. As for accessories- Craigslist or Spyderlovers is a place where she can shop used. Enjoy!
  18. Brand new battery. When it catches it turns over plenty fast.
  19. Most of the time it sounds like a bendix not engaging. It takes quite a few times to engage long enough for it to start.
  20. I figured that's what it was and now I need to decide if the bike is worth dumping money into. I got it running but don't know if it has other issues. Apparently it sat outside some. Seat shot, paint ugly, and so on. We will see! It is a bit rough.
  21. I picked up a 1990 Venture last week for $50! I got it started and the engine sounds good. However, it sounds like either the starter or starter clutch is bad. It sounds like a car starter drive gear that kicks out. I have never worked on these starters so does it have a bendix gear or do I have a starter drive issue? Thanks
  22. I don't hang around this site much although it is one of the best forums I've ever belonged to. However, I still like to buy and sell bikes and focus mostly on Royal Stars and Roadstars. Yesterday I picked up a 2012 Venture with 42000 miles from a dealer that had it since July. It has been freshly serviced and new tires. Hopefully it will sell this spring and I can make someone a good deal. Wish I felt safe on the bigger bikes but my Spyder F3 fits my needs best. In 2016 I had two Tour Deluxes, a Venture, a BMW K1200, an Electraglide, a Roadstar, 2011 Spyder RT, a 2010 Honda Interstate, an 81 Goldwing cafe, my Spyder, and probably something I forgot about. It simply a hobby that I enjoy! Happy New Year!
  23. I rode Sunday on my new Spyder to Southern Iowa and it quit on me! Had to have it towed home and it is in the shop. Should have take the Tour Deluxe!
  24. I could meet in the afternoon. I'm preaching on Sunday! However, it looks like there are not many takers right now.
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