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  1. I'd say those two bikes are running neck and neck in the ugly category!!!!!!
  2. Thanks everyone for the well wishes and the stories for my information. I gotta tell ya folks, I'm tired. I'm not sure I'm allowed to say that but this ordeal has taken it outta me!!
  3. On December 13 at 11PM my wife was making strange noises in the bathroom. I went in and found her unable to move any air in or out of her lungs. She also was cold to the touch and sweating profusely. I had my son call 911 and they arrived in less that 5 minutes. They gave her a 12 lead EKG which indicated a cardiac event was in progress. The gave her Nitro and placed her on a industrial CPAP device and headed to the hospital. Long story short, two days later they cracked open her chest, replaced the Aortic and Mitral valves in her heart and also did a double bypass. Being she is 4'11", 119 pounds, does not smoke and exercises regularly; the docs were mystified why this happened in the absence of any heart disease. They speculated the she may have had Rheumatic fever that was left untreated and it took till ages 52 for the valves to allow regurgitation of the blood in her heart. It's been 25 days post surgery and she is doing exceptionally well. I've learned that sometimes an event like this makes you appreciate what you have. Just my rant as I'm tired working, cleaning, cooking etc but I wouldn't trade a thing; having her alive is the best X-Mas present I have ever received.
  4. My property is protected by Smith and Wesson!! Or Ruger, or mouser, or winchester, or Anshultz, or Remington etc........
  5. Yup, but, those vacuum tubes and paper capacitors are sure to give out soon!!
  6. Puc!! What have you done?? Posting a pic like that, this time of year, is just about the worst thing a human can do!!!!! I don't know much about lop-eared varmints but, I suspect this is just the kind of thing one of those would post.....
  7. I'm #2 ; so I have been told many times in my life!!
  8. Like the Terminator said, "Hey, that's a nice bike".
  9. uhfradarwill


    This entire thread offends me!!
  10. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Thanks seems to be the consensus.
  11. Jesus, with a windshield that big you better clear the standard 13'8" standard. I'm 6'1" and I cut 2" off my stock shield so the top of it didn't cut my eye line!!
  12. I had a fork seal that was leaky and decided to change it out. I used an All Balls seal and expected great results. Guess what, it leaked again. After going thru all that give, I replaced the piston and metal slide in both forks with Yamaha parts. OMG, what a difference!!!!!! My point; if your gonna do the forks replace everything, don't cheap out, and enjoy the ride!!!!!
  13. If someone lets their bike get that dirty for a sales pic, I'm sure the maintenance has suffered!! Of course there are those people who are excellent mechanics and a wealth of technological knowledge that allow, purposely, their bikes to get dirty cause that's the way it is. BTW, Puc how you doing??
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