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  1. Hi Puc: Haven't read the entire thread. BUT whatever you do, DO NOT settle for a 'second best option' 1978 model. Friend had one, and spent most of his life savings trying to get that weird Beastie to run right. NIGHTMARE. Never got it right. Just in case you might think it fit...~ Hugs, WRIDR
  2. So, Don... where are The Houseboat Pix??~ Hugs, WRIDR
  3. Lordy, Lordy... At nearly 78 we HATE change, BUT it looks like we made it thru the Tunnel, and are still alive! Um, Don? A Houseboat foto would be extremely welcome by all of us. But the Vacation come first. Just sayin', if you can find a moment. Hugs, WRIDR.
  4. Pretty sure your "rtsd" is mixed up for Yammy's "Royal Star Tour Deluxe". Rgds, WRIDR
  5. Being a 'Nam Vet' we have no concerns about you being able to handle the 'Strat. However, that 'Nam Vet' designation (congrats 'n kudos, btw) strongly suggests you're no Spring Chicken. It's a great bike, with good looks and an awesome sound - with or without muffler enhancements. BUT... the Beggar is pretty top heavy. To a point where in our late 60s and early 70s, we began having difficulties keeping it from being a bit uncomfortable riding slow, OR even more so doing tight turns. Something you might consider. Wish we could offer you more, but this 77 yr old mind doesn't have much l
  6. Quote: "Am I the only one that sees anything wrong..." Nope. Gotcher back,Bud. We keep waiting for some Benny Franklin-type to appear, and ask: "When is somebody gonna wonder what we do with all those insanely toxic waste products, after they die?" Gord halpus all if they attempt to dump them in the Oceans. Naw, nobody's THAT stupid, right? ?? Actually, feel free to suggest ANY PLACE where it would be safe to unload all that crap. Rgds, WRIDR
  7. Here in s/e Ontario, things starting to pop, BUT we have a nasty feeling it's gonna be one big KABOOM. Colors show up in awesome fashion, then a few days later they're GONE!! Hope we're wrong!! The weather this entire YEAR has been nothing short of fabulous, and we keep waiting for the other shoe to fall. So far, all good. Hope that doesn't mean Winter.... well, let's not go there. Yet.~ Rgds, WRIDR
  8. We'd like to add one more 'specific' item: the World's smallest Vice Grip. (Yeah, we saw the 'locking' mention, but THIS is a legit 'Vice Grip' that fits in the palm of your hand, and is NOTHING to store on board.) We've looked forever for another, but haven't found one... yet. No idea where it came from, but you would NOT believe how many times it has been priceless in an emergency. Rgds, WRIDR
  9. Quote: "Goodbye dear Friend..." Oh man, you just buried US too! At 77, closing on 78, we have too many of those 'T-Shirts'. Had to let our last Pal go earlier this year; just couldn't handle things any more. Fortunately (Stupid Lucky) we found a wonderful new Life for our Buddy, with a 'Vet Technician' working in our area, and the Transfer was quick. Cried all the way home, and then some. Great Job on this, Casey. We knew what was coming, and shouldn't have read it, but couldn't resist. Tough, tough night ahead for us, but THANK YOU. Warmest regards, WRIDR
  10. Mebbe that's why they call 'em doNUTS? Rgds, WRIDR (With apologies. Hey, WE didn't start it!!~)
  11. Looks like you gotcherself a Doozie. Only scary thing - in our opinion - is what that black thingy hanging off the stern is connected to. (Fingers crossed big time.)~ Regardless, it is in fantastic shape for the age. A real steal regardless of what lies ahead. One thing: if you plan to tarp and store indoors, watch out for wee meece camping inside. Mothballs needed. Don't let 'Remorse' bite yer butt; should be an easy resale in such incredible condition, Donnie. Hugs, WRIDR
  12. Hi Zach: We have only a single sentence to offer, in terms of advice on your query: DON'T DO IT. Rgds, WRIDR
  13. (Subject: RE: Reply to thread 'FZ-09 experience? Trade offered, looking for opinions.') 1) ZERO Two-up stuff; in early to mid-70s bracket, that qualified as life-threatening. 2) Don't be in too much of a hurry on Seat Upgrade. Really not THAT bad. However... if bothered on longer runs, we'd suggest the not-cheap 'AirHawk?' inflatable cushion as a better/less costly option; ALSO... not just for that Bike. 3) Like many high-end Yammies, there's some top-heaviness to cope with (height-related?). As long as you're aware of it, no big deal. 4) As mentioned earlier: "Wish we had
  14. In this truly screwed up "Today's World", if trying to find/buy "The Perfect Bike"; from 'Daily Scoots to Town' to 'Touring', the FZ-09 would be high on OUR List. We owned one, and foolishly let it go for something bigger. Wish we could remember what.~ Rgds, WRIDR
  15. Cheeze Donny, how the H*ll didja have TIME to do all that stuff??? Gotcher self one h*lluva great looking Scooter there, Bud. Hugs, WRIDR.
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