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  1. Pucster checks in, but is 'checking out'!! Wow, sure didn't want to end The Day with News like THIS!!! Let's hope he drops by occasionally to say "Hi". Rgds, Wordpecker
  2. hey Pucster, whar the hyall are YOU??? Hugs, WRIDR
  3. Also... I'm a 'Newbie"??? Rgds, WRIDR
  4. Freebird: PLEASE leave it set to "On" Hugs, WRIDR
  5. Larry, PLEASE do NOT ride at ALL. We had a similar situ last year, with Wife in hospital for a month, and the rotten PSW caused our Licence to be pulled as well - despite no hurts, accidents, no nothing!!!. We were sorely tempted to see our dear Wife more often, but Family, Friends, and ('God blessem') Neighbors simply would NOT let us hit the road.!! We needed to bum rides, but NEVER had a situ where nobody was available to give us a Lift. The Consequences - IF somebody caused an accident that unavoidably got you somehow involved - your LIFE would be over! Insurance Claims would take EVERYTHING!!!. Sincerely, WRIDR
  6. We've gone thru Zion from BOTH directions. Amazing; you'd swear it was two different locations!! Rgds, WRIDR
  7. One thing's for sure; it's WAY too early for ZION!!! As in MONTHS! And Zion simply cannot be missed - nor any of the other nearby areas!!! Stunningly gorgeous scenery in that area!!~ Rgds, WRIDR
  8. We can solve The Butt Problem! But... don't even want to think about trying to licence one of those little Sweethearts in Ontarioriariario!! At 78, there aren't enough years left in our LIFE!!! Rgds, WRIDR
  9. We're gonna guess it's a Bolt-puller. You prep whatever with grab slots, then hook this up, and YANK like HECTOR? Rgds, WRIDR
  10. Got our First Shot two weeks ago, thanks to our AMAZING Daughter's prodding! Zero ill-effects, absolutely nothing - thanks Pfizer! We're 78, and had serious doubts about allowing additional disease into this tired Bod. No way said Daughter, so we went for it!~ Rgds, WRIDR
  11. Hiya Ken T, and welcome to the Forum! Not much else we can add at this stage, except you DID come to the right Place! Hope you enjoy the new Ride; a DOOZIE in our opinion. You'll find LOTS of info in these parts. Warm Rgds, WRIDR
  12. Looks to us as though you did one helluva GREAT job getting Blondie stopped, Pops. Giant Kudos on some SUPERB Handling!~ Rgds, WRIDR
  13. THAT is one amazing looking Bike!!! Rgds, WRIDR
  14. And what is that green thing out the front? Looks like a tow strap to pull that Beastie out of the Goo. Sure hope it is in the right spot; that section looks like Plastic to us non-knowledgeable ones. Rgds, WRIDR
  15. Sorry to read this news, Bull. Terrible timing, with the Good Weather coming on fast. Rgds, WRIDR
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