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  1. Thanks,, it's getting there. I don't think I've ever had to remove as many stock items from a bike to make it suit me. Here in the Atlanta, GA area, the riding season never ends, and I typically log more miles in the winter than the summer. I commute by motorcycle year 'round, as long as it's dry. I don't mind temps in the teens, but I despise riding in the rain.
  2. Swapped the terrible factory headlight and passing lamps for new LED units. I know I could've just swapped it out the standard bulb for a LED replacement, but they rarely work well when retrofit into old incandescent housings. The mounting method i used required irreversible mods to the original light assembly and fairing to fit and retain adjustability. I bought a complete OEM headlight assembly off Ebay, just in case something went wrong. While I was in there, I also replaced the original 12V power port with a high output dual USB unit, moved the aftermarket tach the PO installed from the handlebars to the underside of the dash, and my favorite part... I replaced the inoperable factory cassette player missing the door, with a functional unit with a door. Silly, I know...but it reeeeeaalllyy bothered me to stare at that broken unit and missing door. It's right below the speedo, so there's no ignoring it. Removed the luggage rack from the trunk, removed the saddlebag guards, and addressed the indestructible adhesive left behind by a matching pair of reflective "Jesus fish" someone stuck to each bag. Not sure what they used to attach them, but it appears to be either super glue or epoxy. Hard as a brick, and impervious to acetone, Goo-gone, alcohol, heat, plastic scrapers, etc. Only options were cover-up or sand and refinish the bags. I opted for a pair of imitation Lucas RER25 reflectors. Next on the list are new tires, shorter windscreen, CB antenna delete, and a shorty replacements for the radio antenna.
  3. Nooo I can't see that as being true. As a matter fact in my entire 50 year carrier I have only met two individuals that were like that... Not Me and I Don't Know.
  4. That's a Yamaha aftermarket air cleaner chrome cover. I don't think you can buy them new anymore. Your best bet would be ebay.
  5. Requiring new employees to furnish their own hand tools usually solves that problem. For some strange reason, they treat their own tools better than they do the company's tools...and do a better job of keeping track of them. 😉 Many, many years ago I worked as an aircraft structure mechanic. All incoming mechanics were provided with a two-page list of hand tools (sizes, configurations, and quantities) they were required to purchase prior to their start date, including a rolling toolbox. You could buy cheap tools or expensive tool, your choice, but you had to pay for them out of pocket either way. A large part of day one was dedicated to inspection and complete inventory of tools, etching all tools with the employee's badge number, and shadowing the box so any missing tools could immediately be identified. In all the time I worked there, I don't recall a single tool being lost or misplaced.
  6. Reminds me of a funny but true story, that happened about 40 years ago. A crane repair shop across the highway from us received a bomb threat. So a swat and bomb team set up a discrete surveillance around the place.After some wait and coming to the conclusion it was probably an idle threat, they began to pack it in, when one of the officers notice the truck shop across the road, being broken into. After they had backed a van into the shop and closed the overhead door, the team positioned themselves and waited. You can imagine the would be thieves surprise when after loading the van with stolen tool boxes and any shop equipment they could move, when upon opening the overhead door, they found themselves starring at the business end of a team of swat rifles.
  7. My brother in law owns a service station, It was broken into and all of the rolling tool chests disappeared one night. The one that did not disappear had the wheels taken off and it was sitting on wood blocks. That one could not be rolled up a ramp into a waiting truck. Once all the mechanics got their new boxes they all took the wheels off.
  8. Just make sure its fuel rated. For my 2 cents worth id put in the vacuum style you can always put a tee in and run a line out to provide vacuum when its sat for a while. I shut the fuel off and run the carbs dry on the dirt bikes pretty much every time i know they will be sitting a while. They still surprise me tho.
  9. And . . . . Every one of these set will be missing the 10mm within a month .😂
  10. Just saw this post! Sorry it's taken so long. Wowser... That's a bit of moisture you had there! That's normal for us during our monsoons!! Agreed....I should have continued to ride, but with most restaurants closed this past summer (I ride to eat) and the serious threat of Covid around here, I really didn't want to take a chance. I'm high risk. Even today, I carry disinfectant spray on the bike so after each gas up, I spray the hands. Let's hope that the 500 year flood doesn't happen again in our lifetime!! (Although in Arizona, that's a yearly event...)
  11. Took off from the house in 37 degrees and rode the midnight to work, was a great sunrise 🌅
  12. He wants to be able to go down the road at 40-100mph and take his hands off the handle bars and go neener neener neener while using his hand to make antlers and funny faces at all the Harleys he smokes Sent from my LG-K371 using Tapatalk
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