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LED Headlight.

Steve S

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It might be a good plan  to check on the current needed to run the headlight ..3 years ago I bought a led headlight online thinking that it  save some battery as we often assume that led  is better that it may use less power .. .. I did find out that it used a bit more  power than my 65/55 bulb did , the amount of light it gave me on the road was great ....There may be better ones  ..

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Headlights of this type have become very popular not only among manufacturers but also among parts shops. My old Impala was recently fitted with led lights at the service center, and I was surprised by this solution. Has anyone experienced something like this? I just can't understand why they changed the old type headlights to the new ones without asking me. I'm used to the old ones, but I can't complain about what I have now. I am more comfortable driving at night, and the brightness of the headlights is much better, but it just doesn't fit my car so well...dissonance.

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