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Stebel horn install


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  • I thought that somebody may be helped by this.  Larry's included instructions were well written but I thought pictures might help people as well.  Note that I haven't done any install how-to documents like this before so bear with me.

Parts needed:

  • wiring harness and mount purchased from Larry Skeels (Carbon One here on the forum)
  • Stebel Nautilus Compact Dual-Tone 12-Volt Motorcycle Air Horn, 139 dB.  I purchased from a local retailer but you can get it from Amazon as well.  Mine is the black version and I think it looks fine on the bike. Some may prefer the chrome version.

On the right side you will find the factory horn placement. Mine was a cheap aftermarket one which was just as anemic sounding as the OEM one.



Included with the Stebel horn is a bolt and nut for mounting. It also includes a 12V relay but if you get the wiring harness pre-done by Carbon One, you won't need the one from Stebel.



Here is the bolt mounted on the mounting bracket that comes with the kit from Carbon One.



I used some red threadlocker to make sure the horn doesn't vibrate its way loose. Then attached to the horn.




You will need to feed the harness down the right side of the battery. I taped the leads part way down together to prevent snagging on the way.  Note that shining a flashlight from underneath facing up will help with visibility when feeding the harness down.



After it is fed down, remove the tape and connect the brown lead to the brown connector that the original horn was on the orange lead to the other one.




Connect the leads at the bottom of the horn to the other wires in the harness. You can bend the terminals over a bit to give more clearance to prevent overheating from the exhaust.




Behind the OEM horn you will see a bolt that may already have a ground loop on it. This is where the horn is being mounted.



Tighten down the mounting bolt and tie the harness back if you wish with some zip ties.



At this pint connect the power lead to the positive terminal and tuck the attached relay behind the battery.

Here is the overall placement. I think it looks pretty good.



And a short video of it working. The video doesn't do the sound justice.

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To bad papabird didn't do a check up later. I'd like to know how the mount position is working for that horn and heat from engine and pipes. He has expired  member now.


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