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WANTED:2008 Venture armrests


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I designed a set that work different than any I’ve seen, they do flip up for passenger to mount/dismount. @cowpuc has a video of them (surprise right) from Don’s MD last year. I’m not producing any parts right now but will tell you what I did if you’re interested in building some. Basic tools to cut/drill/tap involved.

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Got it. Thanks. Might try a little engineering of my own here. Got a picture in my head of what I want. Would lift towards the rider seat vs swinging out for rider mount and dismount.

Those in the video flip and back. The clamps I used on the hand rails are Bimini boat clamps. I did have to remove some of the rubber as it’s molded in an oval shape from Yamaha. I drilled and tapped set screws in the bottom of each one.

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