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Table Saw


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It's an electronic brake that monitors a small electrical charge that is in the blade. When skin contacts the blade the voltage (or resistance) in the blade changes and it triggers an automatic stop. The human body has a built in voltage or resistance charge. Not sure what it is called.


It is a one time brake, when it is activated it is damaged and has to be replaced.



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and here's what happens without the safety feature and a touch of stupidity


in progression - pic #1 a couple minutes after blade test

pic #2 trying to decide how to get stitches

pic #3 at hospital after iodine bath


I didn't get the super stop for the saw but I did wise up a little.

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Holy CRAP! :shock3: Did this heal up over time very well? :eek: where they able to put that back together?


Oh MY !


Yeah, they sewed it up and sent me home. That first joint doesn't work at all and it's pretty much numb but I still have it !


Took me 40 years of making saw dust to finally get stupid - funny how a little thing like that renews ones respect for tools.

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I use a delta uni-saw almost daily, still have all my fingers, but I have taken a couple of 1X's in the solar plexus:yikes::yikes::yikes:





years ago I had a 1x kick back and hit me just below the belly button. Shock and pain are a pretty lame explanation of how it felt. never did that again - live and learn

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