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Strange Starting Issue

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Chatting with a non-internet buddy with a 2007 RSV with about 30,000 odd KMs on it, who described an odd infrequent issue while starting his bike.. Once in a blue moon, when starting his bike, either hot or cold, the engine will turn over once but not continue turning, not getting in that first complete turn of the engine (best he can describe it is like the battery just has enough juice to get that one turn only and dies but it has a full charge..).


When this happens, his trip odo will reset.. almost like he disconnected the battery, but the radio presets stay intact. A second press of the starter switch will always start the bike every time like nothing's happened, the bike starts fine like normal, it runs fine, his mileage is average, bike has lots of power.. But he says it's that once in a blue moon event that has him puzzled.. probably happened about three times this summer. He can't seem to identify a precursor to the event that might be causing it. The battery checks fine, being less than two years old.. Nothing to do with rain, he's checked the battery connections, checked wiring for anything that might be loose.. but it doesn't happen often enough to be a show stopper..


But could this be an indication of something getting old / weak / ready to fail?

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Wifes Durango had a simular problem. Start good most of time, once on awhile you hit key---notta. I would clean terminals everything good for a bit. Turned out battery had a couple cells go bad. Still showed good volts etc but on a draw test only half CCA. But first 2 times I had batt ck it showed good. Might check the start button also ck out some of the ignition switch threads. Seems to me I recall reading somethimg like this going on.

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Thanks for the info, I'll pass it on.. but as he says, it happens so infrequently but hopefully it won't show up again after this..


To check for dead cells, need he take it to any battery shop to have it properly tested? Or is it something he can do at home with a multi-meter?



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Many places that sell batteries will test it for free. Here in the states I use Autozone.

To test you need to be able to put a load similar to what the starter draws.


You could do a poor mans test with your multimeter.

First, disable the ignition or turn off the fuel and run the carbs dry.

Connect the multi meter across the battery.

Crank the engine, the voltage should stay above 9V while cranking.

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