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Does anyone know where to get carb rebuild kits. I am having a hard time finding them. I called my local Yamaha dealers and they said it is to old. The only things on Ebay are full sets of used carbs. I an inn Grand Haven, Michigan.

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No real kits are available for these bikes. It's pretty much pick and choose what you need.


There are some kits available for the VMaxs but not everything fits.


At best the jet block gaskets are a good start along with the fuel bowl o-rings. Diaphragms through SCI in that post shown are a great plus and usually needed. SCI# SD1 x 4 is what you will need. (but they are currently out of stock for a couple more weeks) I'm waiting for an e-mail from them myself to let me know they are back in stock.


The needles and seats come as a set but more than likely you will only need the needles. The needle are tiough and only need to be replaced if damaged. The seats are a PITA to replace and rarely need to be done.


If you find a need to replace a float the early years of the VMax carbs are the same for that.


When you break down the carbs check the rubber bungs under the block to make sure they fit tightly. They do shrink with age and that can effect carb performance also.





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SCI sells this kit. This is the most complete kit I've seen and not much more than gaskets and o rings. When I do my carbs next time I'll go with this and just change jets and all.



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The K1350YK you mention was the kit I intended to suggest but it got 'lost' somehow. You will notice that the float valve seat does not have a filter/screen ? The float valves/needles sold by Georgefix have the screen. Don't forget the anti seize (moly grease) on the idle adjuster threads. FWIW

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