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"Engine cranks, no ignition, no error codes"

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Could have been some debris between needle and seat which dislodged during the trailer ride. I would dump a whole can of sea foam into a full tank of fuel let it run for 15 to 20 minutes until the engine is hot then shut it down and let it sit until the next day then take it for a good run.

If that does not work You could also drain the carbs remove the fuel inlet lines at each carb shoot a good dose of carb cleaner into each carb inlet, reconnect the fuel hoses and after about forty minutes fire up the bike and take for a good run.

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She's been running just fine. No overflow since I got her home. No issues at all.

I'm beginning to think she doesn't like Phoenix... Not that I can blame her!!!

Thanks to all for your suggestions.

I'm now working on the 89. I haven't ridden her since I brought the RSV back home. 

I have 2 projects in the 89. Front forks to be rebuilt and now the rear brake had lost pressure. No leaks, but no brakes either. Think the master cylinder has given up the ghost after not being used for a while. I've ordered the rebuild kit and waiting its arrival. 

KIC may be interested in the scoot for his son. We shall see next week when I get back to the Tucson area....


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Well... I'm still baffled.

Since I moved the RSV back to southern Arizona, no issues at all with carb overflow. Again, the only thing that comes to mind is Phoenix is at 1300 feet altitude and I'm at 3000 feet. Barometric pressure be that different? Would that cause floats to stick?

Inquiring minds would like to know!

Airways something to think about...I guess!!!???

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On 5/29/2021 at 10:42 AM, videoarizona said:

@videoarizona, I'm late to the party in reading all this but had a recent scare that perhaps my ignition switch was going South but the problem ended up being a seemingly perfectly good Yuasa lead/acid battery taking an extreme nose dive while sitting for 2-1/2 hrs in nice warm weather.
The night that happened, and before I had it diagnosed, I did tons of research on the ignition switch of these wonderful machines and now after reading your posts here, I am going to proceed with the relay to reroute the amps around the switch and while I am at it, I think I am going to go ahead and use my dremel to put some nice slots in the top of the 2 ignition switch bolts and break them lose. From what I have read, they do have blue loctite on them. I may even go ahead and pick up a used ignition switch on eBay and rekey it to fit my key.

Glad you got it resolved. Ride on.


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