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  1. Hey cowpuc, Scott No I have not test ridden a new wing. My concerns are the reduced baggage compacity and the passenger area is also smaller. Lucretia may not like being cramped up, and I kinda like her with me on the road. Bill
  2. I am happy for your friend and that Honda stepped up on the warranty issue. A whole new bike, that's way cool. Bill
  3. This is the first year on the newley redesigned 1800 engine. It is narrower and I believe shorter, bout the only way to do that is to shorten the stroke and increase the bore size, like a stroker motor. Time will tell how reliable it is on the long run. Bill
  4. FYI imho should have had the beer first. Just sayen Bill
  5. I would be aware of the height and angle change, the ground may mess with the sensor activation. Raise them up and keep them level. IMHO Bill
  6. I second the dime trick, I used silicone to secure the coin to the backside of the fin. Bill
  7. Your grill is shipped via priority mail. It is due to arrive on Thursday the 22nd. enjoy it Bill
  8. I got your PM, It will be tomorrow before I can send it, as today the post office is closed. Brian said that it anchored on with zip ties, I had a couple of these and always used copper wire to tie it down. I am sure some one here will chime in on the best way to install properly. As far as expense, It would be nice if you would cover the shipping cost for me. It should not be that big of a deal. Bill
  9. I got to catch up a bit with TX to Sturgis (Brian) a bit last night, I will meet him tonight at a basketball playoff game in Plainview Tx. I told him I would pay his way if he would come, he said that sounded like a helluva deal. I am looking forward to the visit and my daughters game. On the grill, he will get it to me tonight and I will get your shipping information so I can send it to you. Bill
  10. I have text Brian to see if he still has it. He drives a truck, so he may not be able to answer for a while. Bill
  11. Texas to Sturgis had one he did not use, he sold his venture a while back, he may still have the grill. Bill
  12. I used a similar setup to filter the moisture out of the air compressor when I would paint a pickup or car some 25 years ago. I think I still have it laying around in the barn somewhere. It worked great for what I was doing. Might be afraid to trust it on a vehicle though. Bill
  13. great machine. My thought is a box blade to add some rear weight, that will also help with that uneven drive you mentioned. That is my most used accessory besides the bucket on my little tractor. I just leave it on all the time unless I'm needing something for a different job. That thing may last for years and years with a little tlc. Enjoy Bill
  14. I too am planning another Sturgis run with my wife this year. We have stayed at Glencoe camp, pitching a tent ,before and will probably do it again. The camps can be a lot of fun people watching. We always park the bike at dark and let the crazies do their thing. The rides are great if you leave camp early enough (8 or 9 am) all the hard partiers are still asleep til noon or later. That gives us time to have already been to and be coming back from our destination before it gets congested(with the exception of the 75th , it was crowded all the time everywhere). Maybe, as we have done before , we all can meet up for a visit while we are there. Bill
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