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  1. TELL THE WIFE??? Are Ya Nuts?? She will notice some day and then you can cook up a story. " Honey it came with the garage!!"
  2. I got one at Rural King this week for 62 bucks. AGM. It will really crank that 2nd Gen. Now if the thing would just start!!!!
  3. Is there a fuse for this thing??? Still learning to speak 2nd Gen.....
  4. HUM... I got about 1/2 dozen cans of it on the shelf.........
  5. That sure is a Sweet looking 1st Gen!!!
  6. Being due for a oil change is one answer for this. Some more than others. I'm not sure what mileage they wear out at. Different with different styles of riding. Check your mileage on oil change first. If that don't do it we will figure out something else you can spend money on!!
  7. Sounds like the way mine has been going the last few. Hope ya can get things under control!! Fix the water heater!! Ya gotta wash up while fixing the Scoot!!!
  8. Well That didn't work. Might get time tomorrow to pull it and look over. Have one on way for 15 bucks.
  9. I think Spring is trying to Sneak in!! Prayers Up!!!
  10. Warden made sure I didn't get to garage today!!!
  11. I've changed my opinion on the Helmet thing over the years. That row of skinned up Lids in the garage may have something to do with it!! But something that open I think I would wear some protection!! PLEASE not trying to start a big discussion!! Just my thoughts!! I will wear my Hat!! But a couple yrs ago that Skid got me down in Myrtle Beach and We ran around town without them a couple days!! It was nice and it was ALL SKID'S FAULT!!!!
  12. Find some help getting it out of there Jeff. Now is not the time to push things. And look over that "DriveWay" and see if ya can't improve it a little!!!
  13. OK out of gas. It ran for a little while making sure this was what was going on. Clicking like mad!! Turned off, put gas in it, turned back on. NO CLICK!! No Start!! I couldn't have burnt that pump up that easy???
  14. It is a Modular Home. I know all the stories but our house burnt and we didn't have time to build. We have had very little trouble with it the roof being one of the major things. One of the things I made sure was 2x4 trusses and plywood instead of partical board!! Was told OK by salesman. Was built on our orders. Shingles started coming up 1st year in wind storms. Staples just pull right out!! After it got down to bare board in a spot or two. PARTICAL BOARD!!! And I will bet when I pull it to fix that truss they are not 2x4!!! But it is 19 yrs old. Don't think I can do anything about it!!
  15. Like to have him back up there for about 30 seconds!! I'd boot his Butt off the high side!!
  16. My shingles were put on with staples!! What kind of Idiot puts shingles on with staples???
  17. I have watched guys new to jail sit and go downhill. Used to laugh at them.
  18. Got a few minutes on phone with him yesterday. He is really down. Hasn't heard from Shyster again yet. I knew he was blowing a lot of Smoke!!
  19. Thought you got rid of the Hardley???
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