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  1. Originally, the display flashed E1, E4, and all LCD, in a cycle. However, the sensor output and input voltage was correct. After the solder job, the only error is E1, but the voltages are all wrong, which suggests something went wrong in the solder job. I spent $35 for it to be resoldered, and it looks way better than I could ever fix it myself.
  2. I browsed all of Ebay. I'm hoping to find someone here that is parting out or knows of a different source.
  3. Hi, Couldn't find anything in the classified section, so posting here. Please let me know if not appropriate. I'm looking to buy a CLASS controller for a 1st Gen. I did all I could to repair mine but no dice. (if you happen to be in Florida even better.)
  4. I'm having no luck with the controller. I'll try cleaning a couple of other contacts, and then I'm off to EBAY. The question is, does the controller of a 1983 XVZ1200 work on my '89 ? here's the listing I'm looking at https://www.ebay.com/itm/1983-Yamaha-XVZ-1200-Venture-Air-Supension-Moniter/202158402230?hash=item2f11946ab6:g:zmYAAOSwdjdaP6X9
  5. UPDATE: took the board to an electronics shop and they redid all the solder for $35. E4 error is not there anymore, but E1 is. (it flashed between E1 and E4 before the repair) I have a little bit of hope because at some point before the repair i pressed the MANUAL/AUTO button and was able to manually adjust the suspension. I guess that means that for a brief moment, there was no error. I will recheck all connectors, but after that, I'm at a loss. Unless someone has a suggestion. Is there anyone that can work on these controllers AND check if they work? Anyone that sells working controllers?
  6. She's running fine now. I just had a rag on top of the air box and it was sucked into the intake. Still haven't been able to ride. The air suspension is not sorted out yet and I'm rebuilding the clutch master cylinder. Soon, thought. On a side note, I didn't drain the carb, although I did drain the gas tank. That means it started on 6 year old gas.
  7. I'll have an electronics shop resolder just in case. Also, for a brief moment, I was able to switch from AUTO to MANUAL and increase the pressure both rear and front. However, I tried doing this several times after without success, meaning the error code would flash and it would not switch to MANUAL
  8. IT STARTED!!!!! IT FREAKING STARTED!!!!!! ok, so id died when I gave it a little gas, but no worries, I'll keep working.
  9. Folks, I'm getting the E4 error. I opened the controller and looked at the soldering. It seems OK, nothing seems broken. Is a bad solder connection too subtle to see, or is it very obvious? Sensor input and output voltages are within spec, but it doesn't behave exactly as the service manual states: According to the manual, page 7-91, I'm supposed to turn the main switch to ON, wait for 10 seconds, and test output voltage. However, I only get output voltage (0.92V) when the main switch is in the ACC position. Does this mean I have a bad CLASS Controller? What else could be wrong?
  10. And since we're here, I'm having a hard time finding the 20W-40 that the manual specifies for warm weather. Can I use 10W-40 instead? What are you guys using? I tried searching the forum, but I didn't find anything specific for Gen 1.
  11. Yep, it does, and the P.O. had it painted to match the color, too. You can't tell because of the dust.
  12. Bought it! Here's the new thread with pics: http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?135954-New-project-89-Venture-Royale-I-will-try-to-bring-back-to-life&p=1035223#post1035223
  13. Hi, I just bought this barn find 89 Venture Royale with a sidecar for $500. My first instinct is to try to get it running, so I'll be spending some time in this forum. If that doesn't work, I'll be parting it out. My only previous experience has been with a KLR650, so I'm way out of my comfort zone. The previous owner said he last started it 6 years ago when he drove it back from a mechanic who said he could not find parts for the air suspension, and supposedly that was the only thing wrong with it. We'll see. I couldn't even take it home, because I didn't take my trailer, but I paid for it, and I have to figure out how to bring it back home. Here are some dusty pictures.
  14. Thank you everyone for your help. I'm meeting this fella at 11:30am tomorrow and I'll post pictures as soon as I can.
  15. Thanks. I will definitely subscribe if i buy it. $12 a year is nothing for the wealth of info. Also, The guy said that he took the motorcycle to a mechanic 6 years ago to fix the suspension and the mechanic said there were no parts available, so no fix. This sounds incredibly fishy. but then again, its rural Florida, and the internet is slow to reach some areas. It's starting to sound like this is a good find.
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