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  1. thank you to everyone that responded with ideas. I was so frustrated Thursday eve with club rides coming up sat and sun of this weekend I had more want or will to dig in. with that being said I have a limited amount of time to ride being in Minnesota. so here is what I found. I stated I replaced the main wiring harness a couple of months ago and all has been well till thurs night.what I found was a loose main fuse at the starter relay that I replaced a month before the wiring harness. so I took the fuse and put a twist in each of the female spade terminals opposite of each other then put so di elec grease in the male half. where the fuse plugs in to. the fuse had to be forced in some but that's how you know its going to make good contact. stared and no issues with lights flairing test rode for 15 miles and no issues at all. I think issue solved. (I HOPE) thanks again for the input.
  2. i have a 99 rsv with 40,000 and owned it for 5 years and have had intermitten charging issues since.till two months ago, I replaced the main wiring harness and voltage regulator. now last night I drove it 5 miles and first the radio was cutting out and coming back and the it shut off/die 9 times. I would get it restarted and I thought it was ign switch cuz I could wiggle it,key and get it shut off and on. today I start it and now I have major flaring in the lights at an idle its so bad its like your turning a switch to the lights on and off. take it off idle and they get brighter and smooth. im so freaking tired of this dam bike and the elec issues im about ready to hang a sign on it that says, FREE TAKE ME AND MY ISSUES. ANY ONE WITH ANY IDEAS
  3. Hello, I have found alot of quality used parts sold by pinwall cycle in ohio. They buy crashed bikes and part them out. There on e-bay alot.
  4. Help! Intermittent charging issue it has left four different times this season and its always charging when it gets home. I'm ready to just replace stator,batt,voltage reg. I want to up grade stator anyway. Lookin for info on what's the best one out there and reliable. Thank you for any help given.
  5. On sat. I rode with my club put on 153 miles then stop for lunch, after lunch got on the bike to head back homeland in the first twisty my bike lost radio and the speedo started doing weard things come out of the corner and got on the throttle and it was cutting in and out drop a cylinder or two it did this for 10 - 15 min on and off radio on and off. So I was able to make it come back by cracking throttle open and the radio would come back on and run fine so my first thought was charging issue. I shot straight home 1.5 hrs keeping the ROMs up I never had another problem the rest of the way home and stop for gas and it started right up. I have had charging issues in the past. Its a 99 RSV 33,537 miles on it. I'm hoping some one has run across this issue I have no faith in it right know that it won't leave me stranded. I do all my own work and this one got me wondering where to start. I don't think its a heat related issue we did a stop for an hour before lunch and no problem and it was on 38 degree out. I would be great full for any ideas and help thank you guys. Dave
  6. Hi all,looking for advise on a tach for my RSV, where to get one ,which one and not to pay an arm and q leg for it. Your help and opinions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Dave

    love this site

    Did ya survive the snow over there? Sounds like you got hammered with show and wind. I'm tarting to be leave winter will NEVER leave. Stay warm.
  8. Hello all I just have to say again what a great site this is and all the people that are here. I tore apart the whole rear end this winter,started cause of tire replacement and I ended up servicing the swing arm bearings and many other things all this was caused by all the info in the tech library. Then I got the renewal for another year and no hesitation on renewing it. Thanks again to all that have given there time to pass on the info. I went on a ride Sunday put on 233 miles the bike was flawless and very nice to get out after the winter we have had here in Minnesota. I rolled my 99 rsv to 30,000 yesterday I think I will have this bike a long time. I prefer to ride this over my gold wing. Just had to thank every one again. I hope everyone has a great and safe riding season.
  9. Hello, well I had surgery on may 8th and doc finally released me to ride scooter at my last appt on oct 31st Thursday so on sat. was my clubs last ride for the season it was a bit chilly at 36 deg in the morning when I left but at this point I was jones so bad I didn't not care about the temp. I and 23 other bikes did 223 miles had a great ride. this really tested me to not be able to ride this summer.so five months after surgery before I was aloud to ride again for those who need to have this surgery this will give you an Idea of the time you will be off your bike. I ask the doc how soon can I ride my sled now that season is almost here and he is thinking end of jan first of feb. I have my finger crossed for a lot of SNOW......
  10. well heres my thoughts on this....yes to any ideas and I will help out where I can if you need a lift or not I got one usually need two days for maintance unless it`s minor stuff and we will need good weather. The meet and eat would be easier to put together that early in the season. I`m willing to help in anyway I can.just let me know. how many of us are there in minnesnowta........and surrounding?
  11. THANK YOU!!!!!!! you just save me by posting this info I just ck the RSV and one screw was almost all the way out and ck the v-star same cap,lose but good to go now. HERE IS WHY I PAY 12.00 FOR ACCESS TO THIS SITE WELL SPENT MONEY. there are other reasons too....like the nice folks that are on here.
  12. hello had mine done may 8th and I`m still not released from doc to ride bike he thinks on sept 19 he will let me ride my bike. my has been sitting with non oxy gas in it since last winter had the wife take me for a ride on my bike a month and half ago and she fired right up. full tank of non oxy gas does the trick.good luck with the surgery
  13. I had a similar problem and found it to be the flat atc style plastic fuses on each side of the starter relay the spade blades of the fuses were corroded. cleaned them off and problem gone. replaced fuses when I got home. this is behind the side cover. I would ck them and make sure if there ok and since your in there coat some grease on the fuse blades before reinstalling
  14. OH YEA I COULD DO THAT...PFFFT NO PROBLEM....ON MY MOPED....:rotf:not even on that but I would like to try. hey dragging my pipes and floor boards I wouldn't tip over.
  15. Hey thanks guys you talking about moving the trunk, made me look at my RSV non trike and I moved my trunk back one hole. I think that will help my 6 foot tall wife and maybe I will get to use my back rest again. It`s not a big move but a little bit can make a big difference.
  16. Dave

    Venture East

    thank you for the pictures and stories, I enjoy fallowing along with you on your trip. be safe and enjoy yourselves. thank you again.
  17. Hi is this a problem with the first gen only or is it also a problem with the 2nd gen as well?
  18. you can always do an internet search for parts the chev love was made by Isuzu this was there first step in to the American auto market. my older sister had one I went back to her house in Kansas in mid winter from Minnesota and now floor pan in the pass. side of cab froze my n**s off. wrap up in two sleeping bags. It ran like the wind but look like a old rusty pail goin down the road. we could play flintstones style braking in this truck.
  19. I would rather eat the corn then burn it..........BLUE PLANET holiday gas has been E20 for awhile here. However they don't advertise it anywhere I have a friend that works at the corp.offices
  20. WELCOME TO THE NUT HOUSE.....every one is nice here you will enjoy this site if not for the nuts aleast there is a lot of mech.help here to.
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