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Weekend Project. Daughter's B Day present


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Kris and I have been buying and refurbishing older Kitchenaid stand mixers. A surprisingly fun and rewarding hobby! When our youngest saw the powder blue bowl lift mixer we are keeping for our own use, she was "Jelly":sign green with env 

So, we tracked down a heavy duty bowl lift for her as a birthday present. She doesn't have room in her small town house kitchen for it to live on the counter, so I made a rolling storage stand for it.

The stand/cabinet is made from recovered oak plywood( a legacy entertainment center the PO of our home left behind). The butcher block top is part of an industrial work bench top that I salvaged. Cut down, routed and refinished.





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12 hours ago, sleepy2 said:

Great job... wish I had that talent.!

Better at welding as if I screw up I can add to it or re-weld but can't if using wood.

I've just started trying to weld with a low end flux welder. Not like using a torch like I did many many moons ago. 

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