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In the post screen where you are typing your message.. there are 3 rows of icons on the top left. The 2nd row starts with a "B" looking icon. In the 4th group on that row (the group with the icon of the camera)....the 4th incon looks like a home screen we used to use to watch mom and dad's home movies. Hover mouse over that icon...it should say "Insert Image". Click on that.

Little window pops up. On top you have a choice of getting the image from a url (like google drive) or your computer. Choose one. Then either click on "OK" if using the url or "upload" if from computer.


Make sure you have the screen cursor where you want the picture to go in your post. Do suggest you put some space around the picture by not typing right up to it..it./..use the space bar or enter key to give yourself some room.


If it doesn't upload (website says upload failed...) the image is to large. Use Photoshop or any image program to get it down to a more reasonable size.


That's it...easy.

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