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In need of a Good TCI

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I have an issue with my '86 that I believe is either the TCI or a Pickup coil. What I'm looking for is a know good TCI to borrow to troubleshoot my bike. I dont want to necessarily buy it, but borrow it to see if my issue goes away.


If someone has a good TCI from an '86 to an '89 and is willing to let me borrow it for a week, I'd love to chat with you. I'll obviously pay for shipping both ways, if someone can help me out please PM me....Thanks :thumbsup2:

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If you want, I will loan you my Ignitech unit from Tweety.


It will be a direct plug in. I will send vacuum sensor with it, one on bike not used. Vacuum on bike does not need to be disabled.


I also have an extra set of pickup coils.


And I can send a new 6 pin connector to replace the pickup coil connection on left rear by air damper. This has solved some problems on other bikes.


If you like it, you can buy it. I have a couple of extras coming with current group buy.


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