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Thank you Brian for the WA. State Meet & Greet


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Just wanted to post a big Thank You to Brian (Golf&Venture) for hosting the Washington State Meet & Greet today. We had about 12 people there, on 8 bikes and one car.


It is always nice to put a face to those you communicate with on the forum.


We had a ton of food, and Brian will be eating left-overs for the next two weeks. We did get his very damaged Gen One Venture unloaded from the trailer, and parked inside his garage. It only took 6 or 7 guys to do this.


So, a day of hot weather, dry roads, good people, and lots of food.


Thank you Brian,:cool10:



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So here are some pictures of Washington's State Meet & Greet. Please excuse some of the slightly blurry pictures. I was one handed and trying to move around and snap pictures. Most came out pretty good.


Thanks to KIC who encouraged me to look into buying the VR back from the insurance co.


Thanks to Kantornado who lives in Las Vegas. He was my back up plan for he offered to store the VR until I was healthy enought to get the VR.


Thanks to MikeWa, GeorgeS, Sleadhed for coming and bringing others.


Thanks to Million Mile Rider who encouraged me and got the Meet & Greet started. Also offered to drive down to pick up the VR.


Thanks to my good friend Stan & Donna Stanke who took their coach RV and took a side trip to pick up my VR while on their little vacation and then picked me up in Vacaville CA.


Thank you all for making this Meet & Greet a success and getting my VR into the garage.


As a bonus my brother and wife made a surprise visit from South Korea.


Enjoy the pictures and lets make 2013 Washington Meet & Greet Bigger & Better.

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To KIC & KarlS, the reason that some of us do not post pictures, is because for some reason the digital cameras make us look phat (fat). The old film cameras never did that, but maybe we were not as phat back in those days.


Thank you to Brian (Golf&Venture) for the pictures, and...thanks alot Brian, for all those phat pictures. Next time yell us when to suck our guys in.



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