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What's it worth? Honda VTX1300


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I've been "storing" the daughter's boyfriend's 2002 (or maybe it's 2003) VTX1300 for the past 3 years. Before that, it sat for a couple years in underground storage. I had it running 3 years ago but since then, not.


Uncovered it yesterday and found that the gas tank was quite rusty inside, carb is all gummed up as well as the petcock.


It's got rust on the spoke wheels and the buddy seat mounting bolts aren't original (somebody has been messing with this bike).


There's a few scratches in the paint on the rear fender.


It ran fine when I had it running. I'd changed the oil and spark plugs, put a new battery in it, fresh gas, and it fired right up and seemed to run fine driving it around the neighborhood ... (that was 3 years ago).


Anyhoo ... I figgure it needs a fair amount of TLC to get it back into roadworthy condition.


So, my question is, what do ya'll think it's worth as it sits? I'm contemplating buying it from him and fixing it up but I don't want to invest more than I can get back out of it.

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A friend just sold his 07 VTX 1300 in ok shape and 30k kms, removable windscreen, new aftermarket pipes, every piece of chrome that was made for it, and rejetted carbs. He tried to sell for a couple of months and got 5300 bucks for it last Tuesday.


According to Barry he felt it was hard to sell, because there are so many VTXs out there and sellers tend to lowball each other.



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Feedback I'm getting off another site is $1000-$1500


I just don't want to insult the guy coz I figgure he thinks it's worth much more. Maybe I'll let it sit here for another year (or 2 lol) ... and then tell him he should give it to me for the value of storage LOL!

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I was going to guess 1500. If it has spokes then it is the S model. I had a 2004 S Retro. Retro just meant the fender was longer. Like what was said before if it is in that rough shape and there aren't any aftermarket accessories then probably 1k. Could always try his luck at a dealer to see what they would give him but I wouldn't expect much more than 7-750. People were buying brand new 2006 models in 2008 and dealers we're heavily discounting them to get them out of the door.

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