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Phantom Wife first ride


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Had first ride (2000 Roadstar 1600) with wife and another couple today. Went to Anna Mae's for supper. Was a 160klm ride.

Yes I said it rite=== Phantom Wife=== even suggested the ride!!! Imagine that--almost had heart attack.

Still complains about being uncomfortable and sore after ridding----misses the COUCH(87 Venture) so it is still possible being able to buy a new bike this tear. Still don't know which bike I would like to get. Bikes I'm looking at are --Venture---Harley Electra Glide Ultra---Kawasaki Voyager---Road Glide Ultra--- and Cross Country Touring. Right now price isn't a factor until we start pricing for financing / comfort of rear seat for wife/ warranty / maintenance/ and other things.

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Sounds like you should be shopping for another 1st gen (couch).


Yea..why try to look for something other than perfection ? Get another 1st Gen and be more comfortable and faster than....well you know... :cool10:

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