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Friendly Butt Butler reminder

Rick Butler

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Hey friends,


I just thought I'd post a friendly reminder that if you have ever considered doing something about your seat, now is the perfect time to send me your seat to rework.


If you are new and not familiar with my work, I have a classified ad in the Member Vendors section (Rick Butler) that explains what I do and pretty much everything you need to send me your seats.


And as an addendum to what I do, I have started using stainless staples which unlike the oem staples will not rust. And even though I have been using thicker gymnasium foam inserts to rebuild older seats that have become deteriorated, I've also been using these inserts to do other things like make the seat wider and thicker to provide more outer support, which has really worked out well in these cases.


And if you are curious if you already have a bike that I've reworked the seats, take a look at the staples. If you don't see any additional staple holes in the cover and the staples may be getting a little rusty, then it's probably stock. But if the staples look like they belong but you can see other small holes where staples have once been, then there is a good chance it's one of my seats. I'm pretty proud of the manner I staple the cover back on, unlike many seats that I have received that someone else has already been into it....with staples everywhere at any angle.


If you have put your bike up for the Winter, this is the perfect time to let me have your seat (s) for a couple of days and a week to get it here and back to you.


So if you are interested, take a look at my classified ad and get with me to see how I can help,



[TABLE=width: 98]


[TD=class: xl24, width: 98][/TD]



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Yeah Jeff,


That's the seat I first started on. In fact I think I mention that since I started in 2005, I've just about reworked just about every seat attached to 2 wheels, and that includes GL1800s to Piaggo scooters.


So even though I'm pretty much exclusive to Ventures (of any year) I will not turn down anyone that needs seat help.....with the exception of most Corbin seats




Even though you do not specifically mention it, I assume that you do 1st gen seats also?
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