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  1. Checkout DropBox. Install it on your computer, save your files to DropBox (on the web, but encrypted for security). From her computer, she can login to your DropBox account and copy the files down to her computer. No muss, no fuss. And it's free. https://www.dropbox.com/
  2. Hi Dave...long time no see! My advice is option 2. This past summer Donna and I and another couple did just what you are looking at doing, only we did it in 3 weeks. Left NE Indiana, went to the Badlands, Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument (puts Rushmore to shame), Bear Tooth Highway - don't miss this, it was the highlight of our trip - North to Glacier National Park and the Road to the Sun, west to the PC Highway, Redwoods, Lake Tahoe, Death Valley, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, up to Colorado and the Million Dollar Highway, Independence Pass, Mount Evans, Rocky Mountain National Park, Garden of the Gods...then beat feet for home. Total of 7500 miles. Motels all the way. We did pull a loaded cargo trailer and most days we ate our lunch out of the the coolers which really worked out well. Tried to find motels that offered a full hot breakfast as well. So, normally (a few exceptions) our only expensive meal of the day was the evening meal. Worked out great! Our total cost for this extravaganza, including meals, gas, motels, tips, park fees, farkles for the wife, mementos for the grandkids, etc...was $5005.00. You will probably save some money going solo. Since this trip was the celebration of our 40th anniversary, we were prepared to spend the money. I'd do it all again, it was WONDERFUL. Out of the entire 3 weeks we had only about 2 hours of rain...none of that was a hard rain either. We did have several 100 degree plus days. For me, at my age, being able to "recharge" at the end of the day in an air-conditioned motel room was worth the expense. I don't think we would have been able to be out that long if we were camping. We saw campers in several places...100 degrees...they didn't look like they were having much fun. The next time I go that way, it will either be longer time-wise (unlikely) or just slower and shorter. I want to spend more time at several of those locations and thoroughly explore the area. Good luck, you're gonna love this! Joe Edit: Oh, one other thing...if you don't have one, get a Senior pass for the National parks. You can actually buy one at the first NP you enter. Got ours at the entrance to the Badlands. Costs $10, and is good for life at all National Parks. The other couple with us wasn't ancient enough to qualify...they spent about $150 on park fees as opposed to our $10!!! Sometimes aging has its benefits!!!
  3. Pucster, you sir are an example of the best of VRo! I love your positive attitude, your encouragement of others, your openness and willingness to share your personal life if you think it might help someone else. Sending some "Bro love" your way! Continue to be a blessing to others! Joe
  4. We recently returned from a 3-week, 7400 mile ride to the West coast, down through the Southwest, up into Colorado and then back home. I was impressed by how many HI-Viz coats/jackets I saw...even a couple on HD riders!!! Shocked! I do think the HV is growing steadily, and they sure make a difference. I agree that in the helmet area, particularly with half-helmets (or shorties) they are not going to sell all that well. It seems that shorties are very popular in states with helmet mandates. A lot of riders wear a shorty because it complies with the law, and without the law probably would not wear a helmet at all. Couldn't believe how many shorty helmets I saw that were the nazi helmet style. I don't think a lot of these people would buy a HV nazi helmet!
  5. IF you are riding with a buddy who also has a Goldwing, do this: Swap batteries. Put his charged battery into your bike with the dead alternator, and put your battery into his working bike. Pull the fuse as above in your bike, start it, then jump his bike (you'll have to have jumper cables of course) to get it running. Now ride. His bike will charge your dead battery. You can ride for hours on his good battery. After a few hours swap batteries again and keep riding. You can do this for days on end - bit of a pain but it'll get you home. Read this on another forum, posted by someone who had done it. Joe
  6. Agreed!!! I've had a yearning for a Miata. There are times that our weekend or vacation plans have suffered due to crappy weather...storms have a way of taking all the fun out of riding. I'm not talking just rain here, but storms with wind/lightning/hail ain't fun to ride in. Often wished I had a Miata or similar when we are heading out for a few days and storms are predicted. But I've been held back by the fact that a Miata would be sitting in my garage all winter due to the snow & ice here in Indiana. I don't want to have 2 vehicles that are basically warm-weather only (Wing & Miata), then have 2 more for our daily drivers. So, I found a solution. A few weeks ago I bought a 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport which is in pretty much unmolested condition. Never lifted, only minor cosmetic accessories, has an auto trans, A/C, Cruise Control, hard top and soft top. I'll tell you, I'm thrilled with it (with the exception of fuel economy; they are heavy drinkers). This baby will eat up Indiana winters, and with the soft top installed we can head out even when storms are predicted. Takes only a few minutes to raise the top. Still have our Wing, still riding it on weekends and trips...but I can see the day coming when the Jeep may take precedence over the bike. Joe
  7. Sure have to agree with you there, Barry. I am a member of gl1800riders.com, as are Eck, MidRsv, and some others around here. The only reason I joined was to be able to access all of the maintenance and troubleshooting information and to ask questions if necessary. There are some real snots on that site...as well as some really good people. After awhile you learn who is who, and go from there. There are some guys who really go the extra mile to help others, just as most here do. Their help has been invaluable to me. I stay away from the jerks. I actually let my membership here expire back in April, thinking that I'd just utilize the wing forum more. Well, that didn't last. Even though the wing forum is very informational, I missed the "characters" around here. Had to re-up and join back in, glad I did. I've done a lot of work on my wings over the years, and would certainly be willing to help if you ever need it. Congratulations on your new ride!!! Joe
  8. Cowpuc is a bad influence??? Not sure about that, but I do know that he is ONE HECK OF A GOOD STORYTELLER!!! Love reading your stuff, Puc!!!
  9. Hey, Pucster...I really enjoy reading all your posts. You have a great outlook on life and it's fun to follow your travels. Thanks for making and posting this video! Great job!!! Joe
  10. Dennis, you've been retired so long that you've evidently forgotten that a bad day motorcycling is still better than a good day working! Joe:big-grin-emoticon:
  11. Aw, heck...we agree on dang near everything. And if I was you I'd be worried about that! Joe
  12. Me either. In fact, I wouldn't pull a 1000 pound anything with a motorcycle regardless of the type of hitch! Not worth the risk.
  13. My trailer weighs 150 empty. I have carried 200 pounds in it. One thing to think about...when you are pulling, the hitch does not have the full load applied to it all the time. Once rolling there is minimal force on any component of the hitch. Starting, stopping, hard turns produce more force, but not as much as we probably imagine. In my uneducated opinion...it would take a lot more than 450 pounds of pressure to wear down the steel components. The top link for PTO usage undergoes much more pressure and stress in its everyday usage than we will ever put on it pulling a small cargo trailer that rolls on wheels. Joe
  14. That's what I was thinking too, Brian. Those Cat 1 upper links last for decades, and they bear most of the weight when raising or lowering farm implements...that's a lot more stress than pulling a lil' 'ol mc trailer. And...if/when it wears out it costs about $22 to replace. Wait, that's not right...I still have the other end since I cut it in half. So it won't cost anything to replace the first time. Joe
  15. Don't suppose you'd like to share some pictures? Joe
  16. The threaded shaft on mine is 1 1/8 inch, and the pin hole in the eye is 3/4 inch. I pulled about 350 lb last weekend for over 500 miles without a problem. Think about this...the shank on your hitch ball is likely either 5/8 or 3/4...I've seen both sizes in use on m/c hitches. The diameter of the ball is not the weak point at all, but the shank size is. At least on the ball end. In addition, my coupler was bolted on to the tongue of my trailer using 2 bolts, which are 3/8 diameter. There is likely the weakest point on a normal hitch. I have full confidence in my setup when it comes to pulling 4, 5, or even 600 lbs...much more than I would ever want to pull. As far as the tilt angle, I don't see an issue with it. I have gone up some pretty steep driveways with it so far and haven't felt any problems. Time will tell. Good to be back, thanks for the welcome! Joe
  17. Yeah, but when I'm talking to myself I can't share my brainstorms with everybody! And I just know you're all dying to hear them!
  18. Your manufacturing techniques must be similar to mine...find something in the garage that is close to what you need, and then grab a big enough hammer to make it fit! Works for me!!
  19. Well, I've been gone for awhile, let my subscription expire because I am more active on the gl1800riders forum. Still checking in here occasionally...or maybe more and this thread finally goaded me into re-upping. As a guest I couldn't see the pix you guys were posting and since I have an interest in swivel hitches it was driving me crazy. You got an evil scheme going here Freebird...you hide tidbits unless we pay. (Smart man!) Got my interest up to the point that I decided to spend the $12 just so I could show you all what I have done...and what you can do for about $30 or less. Now, ain't I a nice guy, spending my own money to save you all some $$$. Oh, I'll send you my paypal address if you want to send me some money due to your adoration... The picture attached is, unfortunately, not my idea. Not even my bike shown. But, the back of a Goldwing is the back of a Goldwing. All the same. I can take closeup pix of mine if anyone has questions, but I think you'll catch the drift. Just go to your farm supply store, like TSC or Rural King or whatever, and buy an upper link arm for use with a PTO. I got one with a 3/4 eye on the ends, but I think the one in the pic shown is a 5/8...don't think it matters. Cost will be about $22 (TSC). I cut mine in half and used the end with standard right hand thread. The pic will show how it attaches, I'm using a longer pin with a large enough hole on the end that I can use a padlock on it. The swiveling/tilting eye socket allows turning and up/down pivoting. The threads on the stem provide the tip-over compensation. I left mine threaded out about 1 1/2 full turns. I have only about 600 miles on mine, but that was pulling a trailer loaded to the max (for testing) on some of southern Indiana's twistiest roads. Works like a dream. No, I'm sure the DOT boys wouldn't smile. But you can't always please everybody. Hit me up with questions and comments...but be gentle. Glad to be back posting again...getting tired of just reading and talking to myself! Joe
  20. Too bad the map of the U.S. isn't just like that!
  21. Oh, and I should add, Harry...if price is a main consideration, definitely go with wired headsets. No quality bluetooth system will come close to the economy of wired sets. For me, I just wanted to get rid of those dad-blasted irritating cords so I finally forked over the money to do it. Joe
  22. The SM10 is a transmitter only. I own one. It will only send audio from the bike or another plugged in source to your headset. It will NOT receive your voice and pump it into the CB. Sorry. Joe
  23. This is a complex thing, hope I can explain it correctly. I have a system working on my Goldwing, and it will also work on your Venture. But...It isn't all that cheap. Utilizing the Sena SMH-10 headsets plus a wiring adapter harness this can be made to work. It requires that you purchase one headset for each helmet that needs to be connected into the system, plus an extra one that becomes a transmitter/receiver attached to the bike itself. A member of the gl1800riders forum has developed the harness to enable this attachment to the system. The "module" (headset) attached to the bike will then transmit all bike audio to the headset(s) used by rider/passenger, and will receive whatever goes through your headset microphone and send it through your bike's cb. That is probably a fuzzy explanation, but it works perfectly on the Goldwing. The guy making the adapter cable can be reached at fox2kill@comcast.net. Name is Steve. Tell him Joe from the 1800 forum sent you. He has said that he is also able to provide the harness for other makes of bikes, I would imagine that would include the RSV. His harness is inexpensive...the Sena headsets will be where you'll spend your money. But they are terrific devices! Wife and I are totally wireless and love it. Edit: By the way, your phone will also connect to your headset. So will your Garmin GPS if you are using one and it offers Bluetooth. Joe
  24. That would be great, Dennis. Just let me know...it's for Ben & Michelle, you met them a couple years ago. Not sure if he's going to pull the trigger on it until/unless he can figure out how to get it home. I'll let him know you may have an option for him. Joe
  25. I have a riding buddy -not a member here, doesn't like computers- who wants to buy a small cargo trailer located in Tampa, FL. Only problem is, we are in northern Indiana. Just wondering if there is anyone located down that way who is planning a trip north, say to the Chattanooga/Nashville area in the coming weeks and could drag the trailer up that far with them? Buddy could meet in that area to take possession. Maybe over Spring Break week? I realize most people are going the opposite direction over Spring Break, but just on the small chance that someone is coming this way I thought I'd throw it out there. Please let me know if you could assist, and Thanks!! Joe
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