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  1. Not sure of the best way to put the drive shaft back in but my rubber boot is extremely difficult to put back on. So I thought I would pass along a trick. I take a long screw diver stick it in the drive shaft housing lift the output shaft up were it comes out of the u-joint then I slide a large zip tie (3/8" wide that's long enough to reach) under the output shaft then pull the screw driver out. That holds the output shaft up just enough that with just a mild amount of profanity applied you can wiggle the driveshaft in then slide the zip tie out while holding the driveshaft in place so it
  2. @RDawson @saddlebum @Squidley Thanks so much for the help. I got her put back together all seems good. Test drive was relatively short but she's quieter and shifts better than she ever did. Squidley had the output shaft brake off at the nut that holds the U-joint on at 27,000. Wasn't real noisey but she would still go for about 3,000 then the seal started leaking. replaced. Saddlebum I did check that. My harbor freight stethoscope sure helped isolate the noise. Not sure of the best way to put the drive shaft back in but my rubber boot is extremely difficult to put back on. So I thought
  3. thx again RDawson got both shaft and final drive delivered for $58
  4. Thats what I was thinking neither part is available thx.
  5. My 83 venture just quite going forward, lots of grinding. about an hour surfing thru tech talk (1st gen) pointed me to isolate problem. Drive shaft were it meets final drive. shaft and coupling gear toast. Drive shaft easy but coupling gear looks pretty tricky, per tear down instructions in manual. Can one get the coupling gear off easily? Manual exploded view looks like yea maybe. Then the big question locate parts. Big thanks in advance.
  6. I need side stand and bolt for my 83. I'm pretty sure it is interchangeable. live near Indy
  7. In need of side stand and boltfor my 83 venture. live near indy.
  8. Oldest son found it when trying to diagnose prob on venture. One of the best things ever!
  9. Has any body tried wet sand clear uv spray coat trick on dash lens's? did it on jeep cherokee, worked pretty well. Thinking about trying on 83 venture.
  10. Think his name is Robert. He is a walking encyclopedia of motorcycles. Especially Japanese makes, models, and their problem histories.
  11. Every time I ride the venture I am thankful for this site, because without it I wouldn't be riding my beloved venture. Thanks to all that contribute.
  12. Broke a 1/4 moon shape out of right side of my sacrum cracked tail bone 36 years ago. flew off my 900 kaw landed ass first on a tree stump. Still hurts. But that almost killed me. Glad it wasn't still a tree. Anyway, I ride 83 venture stock seat with back rest. When I'm having back probs down low, I put my feet on back pegs for a little while seems to help. Don't know if that will work on a harley. Good exercises for relief; lay flat knees up feet flat use stomach muscles to push small of back against floor, hold for few secs release slow. Repeat several times. Next bring one knee the the othe
  13. I think you should should look at it like, "what that little nail saved you." Because it's all in how you look at it. Glad you, wife, and venture are ok.
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