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  1. I had mine done and had a front tire installed, the whole cost was close to 1700 it was the 16000 mile service. Come to find out no the valves did not need to be adjusted. If I recall correctly, Long Haul Paul had his checked at 50,000 and they were fine he hasn't had it done since had over 100,000 on it the last I heard.
  2. I unfortunately have experience in this . . . this is the first big bike I have owned and it killed me to drop it but I was able to get it back up by myself and I'm no muscle bound behemoth, but I also think it is about how mad you are when you dropped it that gives you the strength, lol . . . they are correct there is a strip along the bottom of the bags that is replaceable for such moments and the guards up front help as well.
  3. I, oddly didn't get anything stating that since there was no charge, I don't know that they even put anything in the system stating for sure what they did, I will check, but yes I believe they did loosen that as a part of trying to "reset" everything and then retightened back up to spec. The oscillation is obviously more noticeable on smoother surfaces, like freshly paved so very little bumps and you can really tell the vibration is from something off, but on older roads where the bumps are more prevalent then it would be hard to tell. The thumping, like I said has substantially been reduced
  4. Ok, so . . . I took it back to the dealer and they "think" they found a small lump in the brand new front tire and replaced it. They also say they loosened all the steering bolts, front and rear axles and retightened everything and had me come get it and take it out to test it. The thump is gone for the most part but I still feel it when I go over larger bumps and some larger transitions but I now feel it when it is the back tire going over the said bumps. So replacing the tire removed the wobble which is great, but now they created something new. While riding around 70-75 I feel a vibrati
  5. This is hard to explain but I'll give it a try. When riding I can hit bumps and obviously feel them through the handle bars and sometimes the foot boards, other times I'm not so much going over a bump but more of a dip or transition from a bridge back to pavement and it is a slight rise, but it's smooth for the most part, I feel nothing in the bars but I still feel like something thumped the bottom of the bike and I feel it in the boards. The best way to imagine it is if I had a rubber mallet attached to the bottom on a spring and sometimes it has enough tension to swing up and hit the botto
  6. I don't know when I went to get new tires they quoted me for the price of the ones "for the goldwings" and then they found that there was another Bridgestone tire that was the actual OEM for this bike and it was 360+ just for the rear . . . I about lost it. But since it states that it an OEM for Goldwings they wouldn't put it on . . . that's why I had to get Dunlop involved.
  7. The problem I had at the dealership where I bought my bike, is that if they don't specifically say they are for this bike . . . even though the load/speed ratings are the exact same if it doesn't say it will work for this bike they wouldn't put it on. I had to call Dunlop they verified with their engineers and then reached out to the dealership stating so, they are also changing their info to include this bike in the fitment options. So while the Wingstuff site has a good price some places won't do the work if it's not specified to work on that particular bike. In one way I get it in anothe
  8. Someone dicussed the dark side option here . . . https://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?137939-Darksiding-18-Venture-Eluder&highlight=tires
  9. Thanks, so there is some issue with the wireless . . . we'll just have to keep pressing the issue with them.
  10. Just wondering if anyone has purchased the wired headsets that Yamaha has offered for the SVTC. Those of us that have opted to go wireless via the Sena Freewire are having an echo or side tone issue when the phone is connected to the bike. I wondered if anyone running wired is having the same echo/side tone with their connecting.
  11. I haven't yet, I would like to know if anyone has purchased the wired headsets that are offered for these bikes and if they are having the side tone issue. Because if they are not then it is absolutely a Sena issue and they need to figure out how to fix it.
  12. I did that with my 20s, of course I only had the one freewire for me. But I was connected to it as a primary phone. So connected it first and then to avoid the issue with my phone echoing in I connected it as a secondary. Then connected the 2 20s receivers through intercom as normal. So while I was riding and listening to music the only issue was I would have to make noise first before I spoke or say "Hey" just to activate the mic because for some reason the first couple of words of what I was say to my wife were missed. I am about to get her a Freewire here soon so connecting both like t
  13. Thanks for the info RonK . . . I appreciate it . . . I'm going to check out the Dunlop tires for now . . . I see they have another set as well, I will contact them to see if the fitment will work for this bike too, decent price and a different tread pattern.
  14. Yeah, I have been told they weren't all that good. Are you running them? I spent the day talking back and forth with Dunlop and they have the Elite 4 which their engineers finally said yes they will work on the bike and have the correct fitment, so they are changing their documentation to reflect as such. That tire has been listed at 233-239, not as good of a price as the c/t but better than the 300+ for the OEM tire.
  15. Well this place is looking that the load and speed rating and being really nit picky . . . I get it . . . they don't want lawsuits . . . thanks for your input.
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