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  1. Did you ever get the brake wire issue figured out? I have used the wire splices and found the brake wire coming from my trunk and was able to splice into it just fine and my turn and brake lights work fine. Just thought I would follow up with you.
  2. @ChiefGunner where did you find the fork mounted ring light and then the side panel lights?
  3. @N3FOL on an unrelated topic . . . what back rest do you have?
  4. There was a recall for the front brake switch. Here is a link to the thread involving that and it has a copy of the letter sent out.
  5. Yes, there are two links above to info on how the person put on their bike. I used that and more or less did the same thing they did. The only thing I have an issue with is when connecting the phone to the bike I get an echo on phone calls. Not sure why and no one has seemed to find out how to fix it. I am able to (on the 20S) connect to the freewire and then to my phone as well and not having the phone connected to the bike and it works fine. Sometimes it's nice to have the texts come up on the screen so you can decided if you need to stop and deal with it or not. But with my phone i have the auto reply on when it's connected to the Sena to tell anyone to call me. Like I said above there are pros and cons but for me the pros out weigh the cons.
  6. The Mag 9 looks good, should work just fine. I'm not sure of all the functionality of the 10, but I'm sure it's a good device. Talk with your brothers and find out if they have connection issues with their phones or to each other and if they use it with others that are not using the 10. Either device you go with you will still need to get the Sena Freewire to connect to the bike and then connect wirelessly to the Sena 10. Unfortunately there is no direct connection to the bike for blue tooth comms.
  7. I have the free wire using that Sena 20S, works fine except you get an echo on the phone . . . not sure why. I flip flop one whether I have the phone paired directly to the Sena or have the phone paired to the bike. As far as the rest of the functionality it works fine, CB, Radio and comms . . . the thing we loved about the Sena is that we could talk seamlessly with out having to push any buttons when we made the initial connection to each other. When using the comms on the bike you obviously have to push the button, but in the rare case where wind is being picked up by the mic and causing your mic to pic it up using the bike comms is better. There are more pros than cons that's why we stayed with it. I like it.
  8. I don't know if you have already purchased since this was several months ago, but we have the Olympia jackets, similar in style to the ones N3FOL mentioned. Similar in price to the Kathmandu, 3 layers as well, have been down as low as 29 with mine and with the seat and grip warmers I was fine, except the tops of my legs, still need to get their pants, just haven't done that yet.
  9. OK, jumped on the bike last night and tried my phone through BT, I don't have Spotify or YouTube Music but the app I have on my phone for music is Media Monkey . . . I brought it up and it allowed me to advance to the next song as normal. I know I had been watching a YouTube video before we left so I don't know if it was trying to open that but at first the forward button was not available as your pic shows. Once I started the other app on the phone it all came up fine. Sorry I don't have a better answer, I'm using a Samsung S10 currently.
  10. Interesting, wasn't aware there were new options, hadn't been looking either, but they look good . . . would be interested to see if anyone has put them on and their thoughts myself.
  11. First off, your bike knows good music and doesn't want to skip it . . . Sorry, had to say it, anyway I don't use my phone as much as I just put a thumb drive in and just play music from it, the few times I have used my phone I don't believe I had this issue and I have a Samsung. I have the update so I will check for you in the couple of days and let you know if I'm having the issue or not . . . still leaning toward your bike being a Rush fan though . . . lol
  12. Looks good. How difficult was that to do . . . and what are the lower air deflectors that you have on there.
  13. Another silly question, are you running the OEM tires? Or are they a different brand but the same size or did your change the size on the tires? I have checked mine with my wife's car and then with 2 different GPS running on the bike at different times and they seemed be to right with each other. Now I haven't checked since I put Dunlops on the bike but they are the same size tires as the OEM but I would assume it hasn't changed much . . . knowing me though . . . I'm wrong. LOL. Just curious.
  14. Interested to see a full front shot fully put together and see how they look. Have you ridden with them in that state and how much noise does that create? I would think you would hear wind whistling through the shafts, just curious. Thanks.
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