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  1. leroy

    New 10mm

    I like it. A lot of the 10mm ammo has been down loaded. So if you want full enjoyment buy the good stuff. Underwood is one of the full power. I am sure any of the premium loads won't let you down. I just recently got into the 10mm game. Been thinking of joining for years. I finally did last year. Enjoy
  2. Plan for the unexpected which includes a lot, including the weather all the way to a flat tire. MORE: Leave with good tires. Take tools you can use. Invest is a SPOT or similar for emergency if no cell service. Med Jet is great if you and/or you motorcycle need to be evacuated for any reason. I had to use it. If traveling outside USA obtain some hospital insurance that will pay the facility, not you pay and pray you are reimbursed (happened to me). GoreTex is you friend. Be very aware of the range of your motorcycle in a worse case and have a good idea where you will get your next fill. Yep, early on I found out about range. Use water proof bags to pack your clothes in even if you think your luggage is waterproof. But most importantly, enjoy it.
  3. From all I have read and experienced you are 100% correct on just using an LED bulb, especially for the main. Your choice is a good one. I am experimenting on my two auxiliary headlights/driving lights (RIVCO dual beam H-4) on my VTX with an LED bulb that is supposed to throw light onto the reflector like an H-4. I put a sealed Daymaker unit in the main which is great.
  4. I went with Truck Lite, truck-lite.com, not cheap but they throw the light and are bright plus use about half the watts. I think I used the 80220, flood work light. They are a PAR 36 like the OEM passing lights but a tight fit. For the main I went with an HID bi xenon (HI Low beam) from Xenon Depot with a delay relay added so it will not turn on until the key is in the on position for a few seconds. This reduces the on/off/on of it while starting which I understand is rough on them.
  5. Almost has driven me crazier than I already am. Did some work on vehicles and house I have been putting off. Go through extra screening to see my doctor. Thank the good Lord my wife still has a job. I am retired.
  6. Halloween party When robbing a 7-11 or a bank. ' Only places that require it and then only if I really need the service.
  7. I finally installed the trailer hitch I bought from Carbon 1 months ago. I will not pull a trailer. I wanted it so I could mount a very small box on the back, mainly for non clothes on a trip. I thought of the Pakit Rak but I did not want that large of an item on the rear for fear of overloading it, a habit of mine. LOL
  8. RIVCO center stand for sale. $125 shipping included to lower 48 states. Bought new for about $400 with tax and shipping. When I bought it, RIVCO claimed there were only two left. I had it on my 2012 RSV for a short time. After I lowered the RSV I could not use the stand. All the parts, bolts, "bumper", and instructions are included with pictures. The instructions are from RIVCO plus some hints from people who installed it on their RSV. It is not difficult to install. I installed it while lying on my driveway, no lift. I cleaned it but there is still some dirt on it. If you want it new looking you'll need to clean it some more. Clean does not last long under a motorcycle. If interested send me a PM. Please do not waste your time nor mine unless serious. And please do not ask for a lower price, I will not respond. Thanks
  9. Glad to hear it seems to have worked for you. Techron concentrate has been recommended to me by some knowledgeable techs. One time I was at a Honda shop and a fellow came in from Mexico on his way to Americade. His motorcycle was running rough. The knowledgeable service writer told him to put in twice the amount called for, run up the interstate about 10 or so miles at high RPMs then turn around. If that didn't clear it up then the shop would work him in. It did the job. I use a 12 ounce bottle at every oil change or if MC has been sitting for a while without Stabil Marine 360. Same with all of my cars but use 20 ounces on them.
  10. Washed it. Tightened some bolts in saddle bags. I changed the oil and filter yesterday. I did take a very short ride as in around a long block.
  11. This is from the Royal Star Venture and Royal Star Tour Deluxe and Star Venture forum. New replacement shock choices. None are cheap. (1) Buy a replacement OEM rear shock absorber from Yamaha. (2) Buy a replacement from WORKS PERFORMANCE.http://www.worxshocks.com/html/about.html (3) Buy a replacement from HAGON (one possible source for Hagon http://www.hagonshocksusa.com and also Hagon UK
  12. Yep, 200,000 to 300,000 for Wing. My uncle had one over 200,000. Yes I have heard better leg room on new Venture. That said I know of several folks who are over 6 feet tall riding Wings. I believe there is an after market fix for the leg room. I have heard a lot of positives on the Venture. However, I just cannot agree with a long distance heavy motorcycle that is air cooled new Venture. Especially in today's environment of less pollution. The temperature is much easier controlled with a radiator. Even Harley went to liquid cooled heads. Of course air cooled has less to go wrong. I prefer shaft drive also. But that is why there are so many choices. If 300 miles is you touring range you have a lot of choices. I'd choose whichever one turned you on in looks and how it fit you.
  13. I'll be sure the air is down and return to the dealer after I call Yamaha. Thanks guys
  14. I am pretty sure the shock is specifically mentioned as covered under warranty. I have read several posts that it was a warranty item.
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