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  1. Throw in an extra coffee cup for Me cause I plan on pitching a tent close to your coffee pot.
  2. The sun came out just now and with a little luck the ground will dry up enough to get some grass cutting done. Oh joy:95:
  3. Sitting on the porch just now having my coffee, two large bucks in full velvet and a large doe just walked through the yard twenty yards away. They didn't seem to mind me and made no move to eat the flowers or the shrubberies. So, I just let them walk. There will be another day.
  4. Sure is hard keeping the deer out of the squirrel corn.
  5. Yea but now you have poisoned the woods with lead shot and some unsuspecting little bird will swallow one thinking it is a seed and die of lead poisoning. And then the animal rights Nazis will get wind of it and have you arrested for animal cruelty and environmental pollution. Then they will have you on the news where your neighbors will see you and remember the gun shot that woke them up from their nap the other day and harbor resentment toward you. Until they report you to the home owners association that will probably send you a nasty letter threatening fines and zoning violations. But at least you got your helicopter back. Just saying:whistling:
  6. I dropped by the Elks club last night and the entertainment played this. I thought about Dan a tear seasoned my steak. Take Me Home,.txt
  7. And don't get any ice cream that you were planning to eat near Big Tom..... Errr, and,............. Don't drink the Black Death......... And look out for pond monsters..... Did I leave anything out?
  8. As much as my first reactions were to want to go. current circumstances are not favorable for me to make the trip. My heart will be there even if my person will not be there.
  9. Thanks Don for doing that. Let me know if you want contributions.
  10. Waiting to see how many be going. From here I will have to take off work on Friday to ride up Friday. Probably get a room up there for Friday night and Saturday night and ride back on Sunday.
  11. I'd like to attend the services, how many others would like to ride to services?
  12. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY. I can not contain my grief at hearing this news and my coworkers are wondering why I am now crying quietly at my desk. It seems I was either in or near by at all the pictures that were posted where Yammer was lurking around the edges. I was with him when the bear stole his gloves at Vogel. I was also there when he showed at Vogel riding Brown Sugar with a crutch stuck in the passenger hand rails. I was with him when he slept on the floor of the barn at B2 Mom&Pops. I was there with him at that Skid in when my lower rail weld broke and he helped me weld it back together. That was the time when the disgruntled hotel clerk erased all the room card keys and a lot of us had to spend most of the night in the lobby. I was there when he caged it to maintenance day and camped in the back of his truck and stayed up all night on guard duty for pond monsters. All the times we two loaners ate together at the M & E function meals we were at together. I was with him at Asheville when we stayed up all night by the campfire listing to the frogs Croak. I just read through this entire post and even though several asked there has been no funeral arrangements information posted. I feel compelled to say that we need a group ride or meet to honor of the passing of our good friend. Prayers up for his loved ones. This place won't be the same without him.
  13. Hey PUC I can send you back the outfit. I'm not using it lately. But I will wear it to Asheville if your coming.
  14. Yea me too Good luck with that.
  15. You just need to buy a convertible with a trailer hitch.
  16. That is why this forum is here and strong. If we can't help you fix it it can't be fixed. PUC is a treasure on this site and we all love him.
  17. Note to self: Do not install underground pee tubes. Instead install a Port a potty over the clean out cap of septic tank.
  18. That was exactly part of my long range plan. It's already set up with multiple tent sites and fire pits. As far as pee tubes and power I hadn't planned that far in advance yet.
  19. My Buddy Woody hooked me up with what I think was a deal. Not only did I get what I think will be almost perfect for what I need. (Kubota BX 2230 D, 4 wheel drive 60" belly mower and 3 point hitch with dual pto's , compact tractor) but I also got an antique fixer up project tractor a (1939 Ford 9N with a 4 foot bush hog) I think I got two for less then the price of one...... And he brung em to me all the way from Talladega. What a guy.
  20. There you go again, turning this into a full time job. Back to plan A, just keep the grass cut.
  21. That would be a lot of hay. How much is hay going for by the bale nowadays?
  22. I see, turn the homestead into a business. HMmmmmmmm
  23. How would write ATV off on taxes?
  24. What is a Swisher mower? I've heard of Swisher sweets.
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