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  1. As an update I am now out of the drone business and sold them all a few weeks back. Not enough time to fly to justify the investment anymore or the upcoming expenses related to new regulations coming. Sold the Yuneec for $1250 with tons of accessories -. Someone got a good deal.
  2. Simply hung mine from one of of helmet locks! Hear it jiggle once in a while!
  3. Sad news indeed... I never had the chance to meet Dan but he seemed like a great person. Since I joined this group about 5 years ago I had a lot of questions and he was always one of the first to reply with advice and suggestions. My thought are with his family and friends in this difficult time. RIP Dan and Sincere Condolences to his family and friends.
  4. Try this link: https://www.jpcycles.com/product/zz34308/k-l-supply-co-universal-fuel-pump-point-switch-kit
  5. Be really careful with the cheap pumps. There are reports of folk experiencing hydro lock ln engine as a result of fuel being allowed to get from tank to cylinders when bike is off. The OEM pump has backvalve to avoid this.
  6. ​Common issue on 2nd gens. I bought a new pump, replaced the points in the old one and keep it in the trunk as a back up when on road trips.
  7. Bert2006


    My god this thread is is still running! Why I love it.....lol
  8. Got Big Red out of storage today and he started on first try after being stored since October. Trusted friend. :clap2:Rewarded him with a new battery. Old one was still good but after 5 years did not want to chance it. Now if the weather cooperates first ride of season happens tomorrow!:cool10:
  9. Well, signing up again after deciding to keep the bike and keep on riding. Has been a rough winter as there were complications from the arm surgery but aside from a slight loss of sensation at skin level (nerve damage) I have regained most of my strength and mobility in it. Still need to be careful but all is heading in the right direction. Looking forward to be scanning treads in the next little while to catch up on the hot topics and what has occurred since I signed off last fall. :Laugh::cool10::Laugh:
  10. Well, being laid-up as a result of my arm injury had got me rethinking a number of things. First, I had been considering selling the bike this summer as I am not using it as much as I wanted to. My wife's health makes it hard for her to ride so when I go I am now always alone. We bought our retirement property and that will demand a lot of my attention in the next few years. This season is now done as I recuperate and I will probably be putting it up for sale in the next few weeks. Also, my membership here is up for renewal and I will hold on that until I make my final decision. So, signing off for now but I would like to acknowledge all who have helped me out from this forum over the past 5 years from when I got the bike. So long for now but I may be back. Will keep on lurking though to keep up on the news. Hubert Cormier (AKA Bert2006)
  11. Thoughts are with you and your brother....
  12. Walk out of work yesterday and came up on this sweet custom job. Someone has talent out there!:clap2:
  13. Thanks Dogman, Will not be travelling with the RV, setting it up as a cottage on seaside property that we just bought in beautiful Bouctouche, NB. This will be our retirement home eventually, but until then it will be cottagy. Thanks for the lead on the forum and congrats to you too for your RV. They have certainly improved a lot since I was last in one as a 10 year old kid. LOL. Enjoy!
  14. Just spent 1 and 1/2 week in it and will be mainly weekends now. For this year I will stick with the one battery but plan to add another next year. Just using the rv converter to recharge is not practical as it is only .5 amps. Would need to run generator all the time to fully charge. That is why I am looking to set up an external charger in the 10 to 20 amp range. Based on our usage we seem to use a 1/4 per day. Switched out all the lights for LED's and we use them sparingly, but as fall approaches day's will be shorter and nights colder so we will need to use the furnace also which will increase draw.
  15. Ok thanks, just talked to the dealer and he indicates that running both at the same time should not be a problem as the internal converter should kick out once it senses the battery being charged by the outside unit. I will get the marine/rv style battery isolator unit as you suggest ...just to make sure! I am also experimenting with solar panels as you had suggested in your previous post, but up here that gets very expensive very fast. I have one Coleman 40watt panel charging at 2amps max now, but it cannot keep up.
  16. Ok, after reading all of your posts and thinking it through here is what I could do. Let me know if you spot something I am missing 1. Will get a battery isolator switch so I can isolate it from the converter in the RV. When I connect the shore power to the generator this switch will be off and then result in the RV being powered solely by the Generator. 2. Will then connect the separate 10-20amp charger to the battery and generator. This way, the generator will power both the RV and the larger charger, while the charge from the converter will not get to the battery. Does this sound right???
  17. Not intending to use the AC or the Microwave at all. Also do not want to run the generator all the time. Only to recharge the battery when needed. All other stuff can run off the battery.
  18. Its a 2003 Citation (31ft) . I have one deep cycle battery on board. I have been plugging the shore power cord to the generator for about 2 hours every day to top up the battery, but I am looking to shorten that time. That is why I am asking if I can also plug a separate charger to the generator have two sources charging the battery at the same time. (the on-board converter at approx. 1amp and the an additional charger at 12 to 20 amps). Wondering if doing so will break anything?
  19. The generator is a Champion 2000w Inverter. It has two 120-Volt 20 Amp household outlets. Here is a link to it: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Champion-Power-Equipment-1-700-2-000-Watt-Recoil-Start-Gasoline-Powered-Portable-Inverter-Generator-73536i/203791700
  20. Hi folks, Just bought a used RV and will be doing a lot of dry camping. As a result I am relying on a generator to recharge the battery (deep cycle) on the RV but found that the converter on the RV only trickle charges. I want to plug a 10 to 20 amp battery charger directly to the generator and then to the battery, but do not want to disconnect the battery from the RV every time. Will it hurt anything if I power the RV with the generator at the same time as I have a charger hooked up to the battery. (knowing that the RV converter is also sending between .7 to 1.5 amps to the battery and the charger would be sending between 10 to 20 amps.) Thanks
  21. ''Took off on my 27 day East Coast trip June 2nd, see - https://friendsandriders.wordpress.com/ for details.'' Just read you blog and saw that you had a great trip. You were right in my yard as you travelled through Fredericton and up the Saint-John River Valley. Yes roads can be rough in our parts of the woods , but the pay back is the views you get when you get off the 4 laner . Sorry I missed you, would have been fun to guide you through the area.
  22. Yesterday my LED headlight decides to go in flashing mode when in low beam, would work correctly in highbeam. :confused24:. Had originally bought 2, so tonight I proceeded to replace the headlight and the ballast unit. Which means I need to open up the front fairing and drop the passing lamps in the process. All was going surprising well, got the new bulb in:cool10:, installed the ballast :cool10:and made all my connection points:cool10:. Re-installed the passing lamps :cool10:and then spent 30 min ensuring that the passing light wires would not get caught in the steering stops by zip tying them out of the way:cool10: and then tried everything to see if all functioned properly:cool10: and then went to the front of the bike to double check and that is where it hit me...:crying:....I HAD NOT INSTALLED THE FRONT FAIRING before I got my passing lamps back into place :bang head::bang head::bang head::bang head::bang head:. An hour later and all is well again, but talk about a xh&?%Shf**&&? moment. Needed to vent, so decided to share with the troops.
  23. Not for North America - only stateside :stirthepot:
  24. Part of their series called - ''The one that got away''. :crying: Here is my story on my 83 Venture that I had submitted to them. http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/bike-that-got-away-1983-yamaha-venture?src=SOC&dom=fb Can't wait to get the free shirt and other swag they promised! :cool10:
  25. Bert2006

    rear tire

    This is my 4th season with Commander II's (second set). Love them, especially with the skinny 130 up front. Got 16K kilometers on first set and now have 8K on the current set with very little wear showing.:Laugh:
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