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  1. Are there any members in the Woodstock Ontario area who could give a new member some mechanical assistance? I sold him my 86 Venture Royal. I can't help as we are all tied up packing to move next month so have no time to spare. He goes by the name of rtspeed on the forum and is having problems using it, could be since he's a trial member. Either send him a PM or email or contact me and I'll provide his phone number. Thanks Huggy.
  2. Sold my Venture yesterday. The buyer said he had one before BUT after seeing how he loaded it up on his trailer and the odd questions he asked I don't think he ever owned one before. He didn't even know how to bleed the brakes! First, him and his buddy wrapped a steel cable around the fork tubes to pull the bike up their loading ramp then proceeded to pull the bike to the front of the trailer. And snugged it up against the front of the trailer using the winch and left it pulled up tight to the winch putting lots of pressure on the tubes. They then died the bike down on the kick stand side with
  3. Buy a cheap game camera or two and put them in a secure anti theft box and hang them high enough to be to difficult for a surprised would be thieves to get at. Use one that take infrared pictures. One inside and one out side window should work.
  4. Does any body buy the First Gen Ventures any more? I don't see any up for sale any longer in adds other than in the forum. in Canada on Kijiji you would see a lot of them up for sale, now next to none and you might see one offered now and again.
  5. Hi everyone been off line for quite a while so to bring things up to speed. The mother in law passed away 4 weeks ago and my wife is not well and I'm not doing so well myself. So to make a long story short I'm selling my bikes, the 86 Venture and 83 XJ750K I'll be posting an add. We are going to sell the house and move to something more manageable. Loos like we'll be moving from Ontario to New Brunswick to be closer to our son and his family. I'm hoping that if I don't get the bikes sold one of the Ontario members will be good enough to sell them for me as there no way I will be taking them wi
  6. In Europe the waiting staff is paid a living wage just like the factory worker they are not paid a lower wage because they are in the service industry. Many of these people make these jobs carriers since they can support a family on there income. Thus it is considered an insult by these workers for making them look like beggars and lowlifes. In other places like Canada the USA and other countries the service industry is a lowly job only fit for the poor and uneducated, not in Europe.
  7. Huggy

    It lives!

    OK hes holding a small container in his right hand. It's hard to see but you can see the black fuel line running down to the carb.
  8. Well my brothers Panhead, but I told him if he should head for the great hereafter I had dibs on it!!
  9. https://youtu.be/NxGJr4MbZUU?t=7
  10. Huggy

    It lives!

    This is the first startup of my brothers 51 HD project bike. This is short and was taken before they got it setup properly. My brother says the wisps of smoke is from oil used during the engine rebuild. Ya right, it's an HD! https://youtu.be/NxGJr4MbZUU?t=7
  11. Never mind figured it out! And I did it all by myself!!
  12. How do you get a YouTube video to appear in your thread?
  13. Huggy

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    OK hope this works. Here is Harper with one of her older sisters.
  14. Here is my favorite Swedish Mauser 6.5. I customize it myself. I'm a lefty.
  15. Ya I know what your going through I have a dozen or so rifles my weakness is Swedish Mauser's. And everyone of my guns I had to buy at least that's what I told my wife.
  16. Huggy

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    My oldest son and his wife's new baby daughter Harper arrived March 30, 2016. 7lbs and 11 oz. Can't get picture to up load.
  17. What is the most CANADIAN sausage you have ever had? I'll start with one I picked up at Sobey's Grocery Store this morning. It's a Blueberry and Maple Syrup pork sausage.
  18. Just as long as you guys don't start calling me what my wife calls me!!!
  19. I agree with everyone else. He has ridden before so I'd say that he may be a little rusty and needs to refresh his skills. I had taken a long brake from ridding and when I got back into it every one said oh you better get a bike with a small engine!! Well I did ride for a number of years and when I decided to take up the sport again I did a course with a dirt bike. Well I found that thing with the little motor more dangerous then anything I had ever ridden!!!! I bought my self a Yamaha XJ750K now that things is bl**dy fast!!! But the feel of the bike is solid and way more controllable the
  20. OH Handle bars, here I thought you where looking for a new Watering Hole to wet your whistle.
  21. The only program I'm heading up is the "Let's give Huggy all Our Money" program.
  22. Hear Yea, Hear Yea, Let it be known to everyone far and wide in this fair land that from this day forward that Ground Hugger shall be known as Huggy. I would at this time thank puc for the name change since he insists on calling me Huggy.
  23. From http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00T8UH8EE?keywords=ultrasound&qid=1457051733&ref_=sr_1_1_s_it&s=hpc&sr=1-1 I understand your trepidation about the public owning them but they are readily available in the US and are quite safe if used according to instructions. But your commits about them kind of sounds like only the military and police should have guns. Just like anything else must be used with caution. Every thing you use at home can be miss used and cause injury. Look at how many deaths caused by over the counter medicine. I believe you are being overcautious. And a
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