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  1. In addition to that, when you change your oil, be sure to catch it all in a container, that way it's easier to save, to use next time around. You only need to have 2 lots of oil that way, rather than having to go buy new stuff every time.
  2. And @Marcarlbeing Dutch would say, just keep leaning the bike until the oil reaches the full mark and you can save money by not needing to add any oil
  3. There is a guide stamped on the frame but you can also get a gauge for measuring the tension. I have one like this:
  4. Yeah, George and I shared one of the wildest rides I ever had on my old '83VR coming back from Ft Collins in Colorado. We split off from the rest of group at Rock Springs WY and headed north. Me to visit the kids in Shoshone ID, and George going back home to Seattle. On they way we got hit with black storm clouds with 65mph winds out of the west. The road was two lane with semi's headed south. They'd pass us and we'd end up on their side of the highway when they'd block the wind, and then get blown back after they past. I think the big advantage was the frame mounted fairing of the 1stGe
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