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Bike turned evil.


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Seems like every spring somebody posts a reminder to check fluids, tires, pressures etc. Handling on my bike seemed to get loose last fall, and I really didn’t look into it past tire condition and pressure, rode it last week and it didn’t ride well at all. I finally started looking at it and figured out 0psi in the left fork vs 6psi in the right makes it unhappy(bad Schrader valve core). I ordered new Sonic springs and fork oil to solve this problem permanently. Moral of the story: Don’t be complacent and do a better job pre tripping your bike than I’ve been doing. Easy to get lazy on a bike that rarely shows a problem. 

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True that, I kept using the battery in mine last year knowing I needed to replace it so last week I put the new battery in getting ready for riding season, so I have changed the oil and filter, checked all tires, new battery and checked lights. I need to check the brake and clutch fluid condition incase it needs flushing. 

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1 hour ago, Freebird said:

I think you will like the Sonic Springs.  In my opinion, they are the best option for the RSV.

They were your idea anyway 🤣. I’ve got some pretty strong front dive after 80k on it. I started reading posts here thinking about progressives and found several posts by you and Rick Butler about the Sonics. I placed the order yesterday, when they get here I’m going to install them in a lower mileage set of Midnight forks from a parts bike I bought. Hopefully having the forks ready will make a quick job of pulling the fairing and swapping forks. I already have a hook in the ceiling to hang the inner from doing head bearings a couple years ago. I saved them with the idea of liking the chrome forks someday. 

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Rick was a huge help when I did my forks.  I replaced all the bushings in the forks while I was in there.  I do remember using some well casing PVC pipe as spacers to set the spring pre-load, I can't remember what length I cut them to. I had a long conversation with Cowpuc about setting the sag/preload, it was a long time ago and I don't recall the specifics. 

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