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searching for OEM exhaust

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On 11/11/2023 at 6:07 PM, RDawson said:

Check with me next week. I’m scrapping out an 07. I think it has OEM pipes. 

I'm actually in need of a right rear header pipe if the '07 exhaust is in decent shape. I have a small hole at the muffler joint. I've patched it a couple times, but it keeps opening back up.

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On 11/6/2023 at 4:46 AM, curt muessig said:

I recently joined this site and also just bought a 2006 RSV. I was wanting to know if anyone has a set of OEM pipes they would sell. Or maybe trade for screaming eagle pipes that I have on my bike now. Thank you.

Are you looking for just the mufflers, or a full header & muffler?

I'm 99% sure I have my OEM mufflers on the shelf in the garage.  Send me a Message with your zip code and I'll look into shipping.

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On 11/15/2023 at 5:23 AM, curt muessig said:

Bratman ,  Rdawson, If you happen to have the mufflers, Just let me know how much you want for them and we can go from there. I appreciate you helping me.

They are OEM. There is some rust on the bottom chrome but not visible on the bike. I’ll get some pics and a quote from UPS for shipping cost.  

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