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07 rider and passenger weight capacity?

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Hey all, i've been searching all over and i'm trying to find out what the actual rider and passenger weight capacity is for the 07 Venture. the manual states 410 lbs, if I remember correctly, however i've seen some things that lead me to think this is an under-estimate. I want to take my 17 year old for a ride, but seeing as he outweighs me, i know we'll be busting that 410 mark, so i wanted to find out what ya'lls experience has been regarding the actual combined weight capacity.

thanks in advance!

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23 hours ago, Russ said:

thank you for this confirmation. between the two of us, we're around the 570 mark, so i was concerned. now to figure out how much air to put in that rear shock. 😉


Fill it up, to I think 55lbs. Best check the manual though, you don't want to over capacity.

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