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My first "GOOD" trip

Steve S

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Hello Trike Fans.

Friday my wife and I made our first good ride on the trike.  We made a 200-mile trip from Hopkinsville KY to The Garden of the Gods in Shawnee National Forest in Illinois.

It was a very comfortable and very scenic ride that we thoroughly enjoyed.  We took a cooler and food for a picnic lunch before walking through the huge rock formations. Since I gotten a little older and a little more fragile since my younger years, I limited my rock climbing to the well-worn paths and the solid mostly flat rocks to enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

I did learn a little more about the trike.  Evidently the previous owner didn't push the engine too hard when he was riding and rode mostly one up, cause it seems that the clutch needs replacing.  Thankfully I have already received one from SkyDoc 17 and will look at installing it this week.  While I have the floorboards off will put the road pegs on and replace the rest of the brake and clutch fluids.  That should bring every up to new on the maintenance items.


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