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I am the leaf King !


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I was recently given a Gravely 12G tractor and a TracVac leaf vac that hadn't run in almost 20 years.   Had a bit of work to get the Tractor going, but the Trac Vac just needed the old gas cleaned out and it took right off.

This setup ROCKS.   Amazing how well it picks up the leaves.   Lift the deck and plow into a pile of leaves and it sucks them up   Works better than I'd hoped.   

Still need the leaf blower for finish up, but the bulk of the leaves get picked up by this beast.

I'm quite pleased.






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I have been using one for years,.  I've had two Ag Fabs.  They worked ok but didn't last long. Ive had a DR Power for a few years now.  It works well but don't know yet how long it will last.  I suspect that the Trac Vac is the better unit but I bought mine "used" but never used from an estate sale.  Got a great deal on it and it's been fine so far.  That being said, I hate using these things.  They do a good job but it is a pain in the butt.  I have a large yard and have to dump it several times any time I use it.  I also have a lot of trees and it makes maneuvering it around a pain.  It does get the leaves though.  Mine leave almost none left on the ground.

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