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Oil change info

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1 hour ago, Marcarl said:

Yep!! That aught to do it,,, now if you just can remember where you wrote that down....eh?

Should not be a problem, I have to pull that side cover to remove the seat to do the oil change.

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Hey gang, I have a question. Working on my first oil change and am greatly concerned about the amount of oil required. In the middle of changing my oil, I quickly discovered the location challenge of the two front drain plugs next to the frame. Long story short, had to run to the store to get a 18mm wrench since there was not enough room for a socket. I left the main tank and oil filter off draining as I went to the store to get the proper tool for the front two plugs. 

Long story short, I put 2.4 quarts in the crankcase and 3.2 quarts in the main tank. Checking the dip stick in the upright position, no oil was touching the dip stick. I added the remaining oil of the 6 quarts and there is still no oil on the dip stick.

I read somewhere someone say nearly a quart of oil is still in the system. Now I am questioning how much oil is really required. I guess with the main tank, the dip stick should be the proof, but how would one know if there wasn't enough or if there was too much oil in the crankcase??





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Thanks Du-Rron for posting. I followed the amounts listed - double and triple checking it. 

I don't have a motorcycle jack and am wondering if it is possible that more oil drained being tilted resting on the kick stand then if the bike was upright and level. You wouldn't think but I am still at a loss why the dipstick still isn't even wet after having about 3.6 quarts in the main oil tank.

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If you are sure that you really have put in 5.6 qts total in (count your empty bottles etc), run the engine for 5 minutes and recheck level.


The hard way is to drain oil, measure what came out an start over.

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