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What is this for??


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Always good to leave one thing off the bike....make it less top heavy !


That rubber piece goes under the gas tank at the back end of the tank. You'll how it is fitted to fit in that location. The bolt that holds the back of the tank in place goes thru the hole in the rubber piece.

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. But what is it for??



As stated, it goes between the gas tank and the frame at the back of the tank.

Those fins are cooling fins ... they are there to expel heat generated by your family jewels ........:Bunny:

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You'd have to talk to the engineers who put it there to know for sure, but I can think of three things it might do:



  1. Distribute the weight of a tank that is very heavy when full.
  2. Isolate the tank from the frame so when low on fuel it doesn't drum from vibration.
  3. Let the frame flex separately from the tank. Keeps the tank from buckling on a rough ride.


Regardless, it has a purpose. Put it back.

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