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OK, how do you know Eck...

Well Bob, If you ever get the chance, check out the radio knob on B2Dads trike.

I gave it to him a couple years ago, and I also had one on my RSV...( before I customized it by "Autocrash in Huntsville").

The chrome radio knobs I bought at Radio shack.....

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Way cool eck! Didn't think about 2nd gen stuff here on ther 1st gen forum! Guess Sexi is gonna get even Sexier...




I thought the radio knobs fit the same way ..a post goes into the back of the knob and you tighten an allen screw an dsome of the knobs come with a spring clip inside to hold pressure on the radio post? Do they not attach the same on a 1st gen ? :confused24:

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