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My Grand Princesses' first "bike"


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Every time I have seen my Grand Princess, I have sat her on my knee with her holding on to the "handle bars" ( AKA my thumbs) while I made motor noises and bounced her on my knee.


Just got her a real 1st Gen..AKA dinosaur "bike". At 7 1/2 months old...she LOVES it ! :cool10: She holds on to the handle bars and makes her own lip noise. Cries if you stop pushing her or trying to take her off it. Now to figure out how to fit a baby seat on my bike with out Mommy or Grandma knowing...:shock3:

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Did you know that the day you bring little one home from hospital you can take a large bath towel, some large safty pins, wrap him up good place him in the front of your leather,wrap the towel around you and secure with safty pins so there is no danger of them falling out!!And take them for a ride!!


Warning: Ladies do not understand this?? If you do this your chances of having another child in the near future are greatly reduced!!!:think:

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