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Wonder What MKII Cost Part by Part


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Don't know the answer but a year or so ago I need to replace one of the saddlebag bar reflectors. The split down the middle black plastic with a red reflector on the flat side. I don't recall for sure but it was either $68 or $78 just for one reflector.


JFI: I went to Walmart and bought just the red reflector, 2 in a pack, for about $3. It is still there.


Also JFI: Harley Davidson sells simple reflectors that stick on the saddlebag bars for about $4.99 each. I bought 4 to put on the rear of my saddlebag bars and they also are still there.

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Bought a couple of used parts and check the dealer price. Wow....


I wonder what a MKII would cost part by part at the dealers.


Anyone knows this trivia?


Or want to take a guess?

Not an answer to your question but related. I bought my first Venture an 84 new while I was stationed in the Philippines from the Navy Exchange at Subic Bay. I bought the bike for $5360.00 (not a Royale). About a month later they called me and said the bike was not a US spec bike and ordered me another one. About a month later the replacement arrived, I went to get it the day after they called. When I got there it was still in the crate. While I waited for them to get it ready (about 45 min) I waited in the managers office and saw the invoice from Yamaha. The Navy exchange paid Yamaha $2550.00 for the bike. Just a look at the other end of the cost spectrum.

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In 95 I worked for Superior Wheels and the plant I worked at was mostly all GM wheels. I heard the wheels from Superior were billed to GM for about $30 each. To go to a dealer and get a replacement it was about $250.

When I worked for an electric motor company for over 15 years, whose main product was the fan motor for refrigerators, water coolers, vending machines, etc., I know for a fact that the motor sold to Whirlpool was less than $7. Yep, cost a lot more than that to buy a replacement for anywhere near that.

One thing that gets me about Venture parts is something like diaphragms. We are not talking about sophisticated tooling or material and cost probably less than ten cents each to produce. But price them at Yamaha.


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