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06 FLHT exhaust??

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Do note that you will need to fabricate (or purchase - some are listed in the classifieds) brackets to actually allow you to mount them.



Here is a link - you may want to message him to make sure he's still making them, if you are interested. Somewhere on this site there are the specs to make them your self.


Lastly, you do not need to rejet your carbs or anything; worst case you may need to do a carb sync, but that's it.


Have fun.

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I donno...:confused07: Anyone???


Mine came off an "06 and I was told that they were supposed to have converters, but they didn't. Left in stock form you would be able to see a about an 1/8" hole of light, if they're like mine. There are threads on how you can modify them for a little bit more sound and I have.

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You can drill it out. you should only have the converter in one side.

I drilled mine out simply by drilling a series of holes around the outside diameter of the converter, as close to each other as possible, then after you have weakend it, take a pipe and knock it out. (you will need an aircraft bit, 1/4" will do, or in other words, a long drill bit.)


As a side note, if you leave it in, it will get VERY hot.


Good luck,


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If you look inside from the inlet side, they should look the same. If one looks different, with stuff begining on the inlet side and basically keeping you from seeing all the way through it, that's the one with the converter in it. I think as mounted on the bike its the right one. The left one is virtually straight through, its open except for a baffle on the inside at he outlet side of the muffler. At least that's what I remember from the set I had from an 08 ultra classic. I ended up not wanting to try and knock the converter out and just re-sold them. I would want two mufflers that were the same just so there is no imbalance in the flow between left and right.


I am keeping mine stock for now. I have a set of stock venture mufflers I may modify at some point, but after being on a 1300 mile trip, quiet is nice.



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