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Rode a 2010 HD Street Glide CVO today


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I took a test ride at a Columbus Oh. HD dealer today C&A Harleys.


My son wanted to take a test ride and I agreed to go along. The one I would have liked to rode, Road Glide, was already spoken for when we could go and my son could get the one he wanted.


The bike was a CVO Street Glide, 110 cu inches, which is 1800 cc. Fuel injected six speed.


It was a very comfortable bike, Great guaging and controls. I have never been a fan of forward controls or a fork mounted fairing, but I did like the bike. It handled well at low speed when cornering. I probably would have liked it better, as far as comfort, if it would have had a drivers backrest. I felt like I was pulling back against the handlebars when riding it.


Now the downside. It shook like an out of balance washing machine at idle. This smoothed out once under way. When accelerating it felt like the bike was starting to develop some power and it hit the rev limiter. With the six speed transmission, it seemed like I was shifting to often.


I felt like my Venture would have probably been about 5 bike lengths ahead of the HD when I hit second. It just didn't have any really impressive power for a 1800 cc engine.


MSRP was $31,000. It would make a nice cruiser for someone that didn't want any really impressive performance though.


Bottom line is I am very happy with my dinosaur 1st gen. Even if I hit the lottery, this would not be my next bike.


Did see an RSV there and left a Venture business card on the seat.





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I like the look of the bike. But I would not fit the way I like to ride so I'll stick with my Venture. And $31,000 is a heck of a lot of money to me for a bike. Happy motoring along with my paid for 2003 Venture...:Venture:

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I did a test ride a couple of months ago and came to basically the same conclusions you did. The things that impressed me about it were the smooth ride and the brakes, and the low speed handling.


I ended up buying an Ultra Classic, just because I wanted a bike with a trunk and the radio fairing and I found one close by. After you get used to how to ride it, it's really pretty strong. You don't have to keep it revved up like the V-4 and you can pretty much shift into 2nd as soon as you start rolling, but when you hit 2nd and roll on the throttle it comes on strong.


I still wish it was water cooled, and hate the way the Harley riders at work are all of a sudden buddies with me, but otherwise I like it.

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Are you sure that was a street glide. The road glide has the fairing mounted the way you described.



It was a Street Glide, see picture in first post.


Road Glide has a frame mounted fairing, similar to 1st Gen's. That was the one I wanted to ride, but it was already spoken for.



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