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Who needs a danged ol gall bladder anyway!


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Got back from MD Sunday night pretty wiped out. Good day Monday, still wiped out. TuesDAY not bad, now tuesday night was another story.

Doubled over in stomach and back pain. Went to the ER (there all night), long story short, I'm headed back to the Horsepital in 20 min. to have my gall bladder yanked out @ 3pm.

They tell me I'll feel better afterwards. :big-grin-emoticon:

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You will feel better in a couple of weeks


I had mine out in April

I was doubled over for several hours one night then went to the ER


That was painful !!


Feel better

Ease yourself back into eating normal


In the last 2 months the only thing that gave me trouble was

McDonald's double cheese burgers


Be safe




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Hi ken i know your pain had mine removed a year ago, went in on thursday at noon an they told me i could go home on friday at 3 pm. It took about 2 months before i could go back to eating what i wanted. Once you get past the 1st. week you will start feeling better. Now the part they don't tell you is once you wake up after surgery your belley is going to let you know it's there so don't be shy about hitting the button for the pain meds (i hit mine every 15 min.) IT's only about 4 small cuts that they make one for the camera ,one to pull it out, the other two to do whatever they do. anyway good luck my friend it's really not that bad just take it easy and don't push it.


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Did that several years ago.

Lot's of pain leading to it.

But two days later Steak and Ale!

I had mine out on a Friday and was at work by Wednesday (should have milked a week or so out of it). But,,, I heal quick.

Use your best judgement, but like Wanderer said, pretty easy now a days.


Mike G

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Here's to hoping you feel better soon and back riding again. I had a hernia repair around my belly button last year and it took a little while to heal, but finally it's ok. Still got the gall bladder.


Take it easy!


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That's like out patient surgery now-a-days, is it not? Sorry for your discomfort. Get better fast! :thumbsup2:

For most people yes, I however was different story. After they put me under and made the first cut (in the belly button) and pumped me full of air I had a vagal response and went into complete heart block and spent the night in the cardiac ward. The fun part was going back in to finish it a week later, that time i was out that evening.

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If all they had done was take out the gall bladder, I could've gone to work today. The hernia repair hurts like the dickens. I didn't know I use my stomach muscles to blink. Last night was a long one. Throat was real scratchy from the tube they stuck down my throat. Kept sending me into coughing fits. Any of you that has had a hernia repaired knows that the last thing you want to do is cough.


:bang head::yikes::yikes::bang head:

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