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I agree with Davecb. When you start depending on a bunch gadgets to monitor you bike you stop noticing things. Checking the tire pressure, oil level, air level in shocks, etc. makes you pay attention to your ride. You notice things like loose bolts and things that need to be adjusted or tightened. It's all part of the relationship between you and your bike. I check tire pressure at least twice a week. I use the Ride-on product and I haven't lost a single pound front or rear in the past 3 weeks. If you're concerned about losing pressure and not knowing it then I recommend Ride-on, but I wouldn't even consider $375 for something like that.


Just my .02:2cents:

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Hey Cougar...did you change out the valve stems on your bike? I know the front valve stem is rubber (although it is short)...and some people have talked about them being dangerous on rubber valve stems.





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I check my pressures all the time, it's part of the look over when I get ready to ride. I can't see spending a bunch of money on a monitoring system. If anything I'd get the product below supposed to indicate when the air pressure drops over 2 lbs.


You might try these, they look inexpensive



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