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I don't care to read every thread so I personally would like to see a full tool bar on the bottom of the pages, allowing me to go "home" or the "forum list" without having to scroll back to the top. If there's enough interest and it is possible, could this be possible?

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Not sure if you have tried this yet, and I am sorry if you have and this is not the answer your looking for..

If you look at the top (right) of your posting, you will see a tab called "Display modes"

You can click on that tab and change from Hybrid mode to Threaded mode.

One of them lists the full tool bar to the left hand side of the screen.

This may be of some help with your request.

Again, if this is something you have already tried, please discard my reply, and someone else will jump in shortly that may be of help with a better answer.

Until then.... ride the threads safetly... !!!!!!!! :beer:

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Hybrid gives me the option to reply which i can't seem to find on the "threaded" display, Threaded would allow me to stay close to the top and not scroll so much. Guess they each have their pro's. I'll try something else for a while.

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