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I'm infatuated with the Royal Stars

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OMGosh! I saw a beautiful 07 RSTDeluxe conversion trike. Low miles, Low price $7500 in Madison Indiana. I hadn't sold my bike  yet and don't like to borrow money. It sold within an hour of me leaving. I never knew what the saying beat myself up till that happened. 

I've been on the hunt since. I've found an 09 Venture, Hannigan trike. Mileage is 81,000. $10,500.00. Reverse, The long Running boards,  beautiful paint.  Will need Trike tires. Front tire looks good. What should I ask/look for? Is there a site to check it out with the VIN #?

Thanks for the add. And all the pictures, everyone has uploaded. 

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  • Marcarl changed the title to I'm infatuated with the Royal Stars

I'm not a trike guy, yet, but no doubt the Royal Star is an attractive bike with a lot to offer, I'm quite partial to the V4 and the solid build quality.  Your infatuation is well understood.

Someone local floated an 1835cc Type I mid-engine trike a couple years back $$$, sure not intended for touring but sexy as hell nonetheless.  it got me thinking about trikes.  The Royal Star looks like it was made to be a trike, it just fits the bill and looks right with either 2 or three wheels.  I honestly dont think you can go wrong with a Royal Star trike, I've yet to ride one but I know from being on this forum that they are tried and true.

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