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Found 5 results

  1. I was just in Kansas City, Mo and tried out some of their barbeque, which was delicious. What is everyone here's favorite barbeque sauce and is it pig or cow? I know people like the rubs as opposed to sauce, but whatever let us know. http://photos1-cdn.fotosearch.com/bthumb/CSP/CSP307/k3072891.jpg Yama Mama
  2. Kids today!!! I gotta wonder sometimes. Went to McD's for lunch (as I usually do). The regular gals had the day off and they had a bunch of young folk manning the tills ... they weren't green at the job but... I asked for a Crispy Chicken wrap, no sauce (it comes as either Ranch or Spicey sauce). Kid says "will that be Ranch or Spicey?" ... I say "no sauce". He says "but, it has to be either Ranch or Spicey" ... I repeat ... "no, I don't want any sauce" ... he says "but I have to enter one or the other...which one will it be?" ... my response "take your pick coz once you remove the sauce it makes no difference". guess he couldn't fathom that one at all
  3. hi folks back at the '09 international rally i meet two new vr riders from baton rouge,la. deeta & joe. i told them about a ride i had been thinking of, to the tobasco plant in new iberia, louisiana, where the hot sauce is made. it is about a 4-5 hr trip from houston. i have only been there by tugboat to pick up salt for barges for the winter road use. i thought this would be a great way to have a m&e with our fellow v/r riders from the great state of louisiana. i would plan on this around the 26'th of september '09. i'll put this out there for everyone's thoughts. on their web site i saw were you can buy a GALLON JUG of tobasco sauce, just found out they now offer a tabasco brand soy sauce, hot da--. www.tabasco.com. best reguards don c.
  4. Our family (Nina, me & our kids) LOVE ribs and we've been "ribbing" (pun intended) each other for 2 years now about who's got the best ribs so, about 6 month's ago we decided to hold our 1st annual Rib-Off contest. All the kids came along with their "signigicant other" (those who currently have one LOL) plus a few other close friends of ours and theirs. Basically there were 4 contestants (would have been 5 if my son, who basically pushed to have this contest initially hadn't forgotten to bring his "famous" ribs LOL). One couple (close friends of our kids) are not cooks so they arrived with a rack of ribs with no idea how to cook them LOL. Everyone else's ribs were "pre-prepared" and I had to do a quick job on this raw rack...thankfully they arrived early enough. My own consisted of 3 racks using a chipotle sauce for one, a honey-garlic sauce for the other and Sailor's "rum ribs" sauce for the 3rd. Nina did "her thing" and one of her daughters brought some awesome ribs done in a slow cooker. Sorry Sailor, neither your "rum ribs" recipe nor my concoctions were good enuf....the couple that came with the "raw rack" with no idea what to do wound up being the winners! It was pretty funny them having no idea, not a clue how to cook ribs to wind up winning....they said they had no idea cooking ribs was that easy (LOL .... I did the cooking). I think the quality of the meat was a bit better and the fact that the ribs were "fresh cooked" played a big part in the result. A great party we all had, a lot of beer, wine, rum, coolers were consumed and needless to say, I have felt a LOT better than I do right now LOL. As for my son forgetting to bring his ribs, we've all decided that he will be the winner next year because he will be the only one doing ribs! (punishment for forgetting)
  5. Not mentioning any names here (you know who you are) but this is in response to your recipe that you so generously shared... Rick's RIB's... Rack(s) of back ribs... as many as you need. Cut into serving portions (appx 4 or 5 ribs each) Wash in cold water...salt lightly...let stand for appx 20 min. In a bowl, mix some diijon mustard with crushed fresh garlic & some extra virgin olive oil. Baste the mixture liberally onto the ribs (both sides) Sprinkle Rick's Spices liberally on the meaty side. Wrap tightly in tin foil so that the meaty side is up and the drippings won't drain out...set in a roasting pan...put in fridge for a couple hours. Heat oven to 450 Place ribs into oven and cook for 15 min @ 450 Reduce heat to 250 and cook for 3.5 to 4 hours (this may vary depending on quantity of ribs) Remove from oven and let stand for appx 1/2 hour. Mix BBQ sauce (I used mixture of Spicy Szechuan, Thai Peanut sauce, HP sauce, and Sweet Chili sauce) Remove ribs from foil wrap and baste liberally with sauce mixture. Heat BBQ to 450 or so Place ribs meaty side down and grill for appx 5 min. Flip over and baste with BBQ sauce again. Serve with your choice of side dish (I love salads) If you don't like "salty" taste... eliminate salting at beginning. ps..Rick's Spices...sorry, that's a secret!
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